Bleachers at the Music Farm – A Show Review

Bleachers at the Music Farm – A Show Review

When Bleachers came to the Music Farm, there must have been something in the air. The night was filled with moving, anthemic rock. Kicking off the show was Cruisr, an indie-pop band that sounds like the perfect fit for the end of a Degrassi movie. You know? Where everyone finally ends their beefs and they move on with their lives as we watch the credits? Anyways, their short set was consistent in the Cali-Feel-Good style but not the most energetic. Until Joywave came onto the stage.

One thing I do have to give to Joywave…they will make you move. Literally. Lead singer, Daniel, threatened to play their opener “Dangerous” over and over until everyone in the crowd jumped. You have to admire that Joywave didn’t want to be treated as filler until the headliner showed. Plus, their music actually did make you wanna jump. It was an odd mix of alternative rock and dance that pulled it out for the win.

Finally, Bleachers walked onto the stage bringing forth a barrage of 80’s styled arena rock. Band leader, Jack Antonoff, went crazy on stage making faces and singing passionately to everyone in the front row ( he was actually trying to make eye contact with everyone) and the set kept pace as summer dance jam “Shadow” got everyone on their feet. Bleachers moved between crowd-moving pieces like “Rollercoaster” and retro prom jams like “Reckless Love” and “Take Me Away.” The show ended with “I Wanna Get Better” which is basically the motivational 80s end credits soundtrack song. All in all, the sounds of the past helped to create a great present.

Donovan “Crescendo” Taylor

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