Good things to come for men’s rugby

College of Charleston rugby had a tough match for their season opener last Saturday. They faced the Charleston Outlaws B-side. which was an older and  more experienced team. Although the team was more experienced CofC still managed to keep up and end the game in a draw. Most teams would not see this as a victory, for CofC men’s rugby this game is the closest they have ever come to winning against the Outlaws.

The whole game was action packed, with both teams vying for possession of the ball at every tackle. The first point was scored by the Outlaws, which kicked the Cougars defense into gear for the rest of the game. The Cougars kept the Outlaws on their own side of the field for the first half which led the Outlaws to make more penalties. As usual with rugby, CofC sustained some injuries during the second half of the game. However that did not keep the Cougars down, but it did force some players to sit out for the rest of the game. The draw was a great feat for the Cougars and celebrated the games outcome.

According to the president and captain of men’s rugby,  senior George Woolston, the game “went really well.”

Woolston has a positive outlook on the rest of the season due to several newcomers proving themselves on the field, like freshman Kenny Evans. Evans was made “Man of the Match” by the rugby team for his big hits.

CofC’s rugby team has come a long way since its creation in 2002. Doing only a few fundraisers a year the team is able to get by with no qualms about school funding. The team says it keeps the game exciting, and helps them maintain the bond out on the field.

“We don’t have to take it seriously, we get to have fun,” said Woolston about why he enjoys being a club sport.

It is this kind of love of the game attitude that keeps the matches fun and the team in high spirits, even when the game ends in a draw.

Woolston encourages all students to come off the peninsula and check out a match,”to see something they’ve never seen before…I think it’s a great sport, it’s exciting”.

The Cougars continue their season this Sunday, Sepy. 25 against Clemson on Daniel’s Island.

To get more information on CofC men’s rugby team visit them at  and don’t forget to check @GSOClubSports for more information on College of Charleston club sports.

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