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Every Friday the CofC Radio staff will let you in on what they’re listening to, here are this week’s picks!


1.  Led Zeppelin IV – Every now and then I like to bust out a classic rock album, and since this week was the 40th anniversary of this epic release, it seemed appropriate.  When the Levee Breaks, ftw!

2.  The Decemberists – I swear, I never get tired of “O Valencia!”  Or “16 Military Wives.”  And I’ve had the entire The King is Dead album on pretty heavy rotation.

3.  Toto’s Greatest Hits – Toto rocks.  That’s all there is to it.  Go listen to Africa and tell me you’re not in love.

4.  “Ours” by Taylor Swift – I love T. Swift.  I can’t bring myself to watch the CMAs, but I almost did, just for her.  I ended up watching her performance of this song something like, eight times in a row on YouTube.

5.  Joseph Gordon Levitt’s awesome covers – Go to YouTube, search for Joseph Gordon Levitt covers.  You’ll thank me later.


1.  The Bittersweet by David Ryan HarrisI came across this album when Mark Bryan of Hootie & the Blowfish brought it in to CofC Radio along with a copious number of other great albums.  For those of you who may not be familiar with David Ryan Harris – he actually plays guitar and sings in John Mayer’s band.  He is featured in Mayer’s DVD “Where the Light Is.”  This is a great album for those nights you’re tangled up in sheets with that special someone 😉

2.  War Paint by The Dangerous Summer – This is an album I can listen to on repeat.  War Paint is great from start to finish.  Be on the lookout for The Dangerous Summer.  Although not extremely well known yet, they are on the rise.  In addition to superb music, TDS’s lyrics are a big part of why they are so unique.

3.  Sean Key – Sean Key is actually my cousin.  Reigning from Atlanta, GA, Sean has emerged onto the music scene as a phenomenal music producer/DJ.  Check out his soundcloud to get your fix of electro/house/dubstep music. http://soundcloud.com/djseankey

4.  Tell Your Friends by Snarky Puppy – Look this band up on YouTube.  Comprised of all studio musicians, Snarky Puppy might be the most talented band I’ve ever seen.  Their music is mind-blowing.

5.  Death By Stereo by Umphrey’s McGee – Umphrey’s McGee, a genre-bending progressive rock jam band, never ceases to amaze.  Their latest album, Death By Stereo, is no exception.  Check out “Booth Love” if your looking to get a nice foot tap going.


1.  “Music Sounds Better With You” by Big Time Rush – I have an undying (and often unspoken) love of boy bands, and Big Time Rush is no exception. It’s a super cute, catchy pop song. If you’re looking for something simple and sweet, this song is definitely it!

2.  Line ‘Em Up by States – States consists of former Lydia singer Mindy White and former Copeland members Bryan and Stephen Laurenson. They just recently released their first full length album, but I can’t get over how awesome this EP is from start to finish. Key tracks to check out: Anxious,” “Falling For”and “Asleep.”

3.  “Mexican Mavis” by Boy & Bear – Reminiscent of Mumford & Sons, Boy & Bear is an indie/folk outfit from Australia. I’m kind of obsessed with this song, it’s perfect  for a really chill, fall day.

4.  “I’ve Just Seen a Face” by The Beatles – It’s definitely one of the twangier Beatles records, which is cool. The pacing and lyrics just pull you in and make you want to sing along. Also, I just saw Across the Universe for the first time and this was by far one of my favorite numbers.

5.   Black and White by The Maine – They’ve switched up their sound a lot, but The Maine is a really solid band. Black and White is a really cohesive, coming-of-age sort of album. It’s really legit and reminds me of summer. Key tracks: “Color,” “Right Girl,” “Inside of You,” and “Growing Up.”

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