CofC Memes, not just a fad

On Feb. 13th the Facebook community welcomed a new page: CofC Memes was born.  With a total of 2,790 likes since the page has gone viral, it can be said that this page, created purely for fun by 3 students, has become the new Internet phenomenon across campus.

Freshmen Aaron Massara, Joe Owayda and Matt Fraioli came up with the idea of creating the CofC page after seeing a similar page of memes related to Boston University.  For those who do not know, memes can be any type of image on the Internet, whose purpose is to express cultures or behaviors of a particular group of people.

Ever since its creation, CofC Memes’ popularity has skyrocketed.  Owayda said, “We didn’t think it would become popular so fast.  We were actually really surprised.  We got over 1000 likes in less than 24 hours.”

The creators attribute the page’s success to its relativity.  With memes playing off the Rent is Too Damn High Party by claiming that “The line at mail services is too damn long” or sympathizing with campus issues such as in the “Why is ESAC the only gym we have for 10,000 kids” meme, there’s no doubt that students can relate, and also get in a good laugh.  Or two.

Massara said, “We do our best to make memes that everyone can read, laugh at, and say wow, that is so true!”

The 3 creators make all of the memes added by the page, but anyone can post on the page’s wall.  In order to be successful, they recognized how important it was to get the student body involved.

Massara said, “It’s so cool to see that something we created from a simple idea on a boring night caught on and that people think our memes are funny.  But once everyone else started adding their input, that was the real key.”

Despite its recent hype, the future of CofC Memes remains unclear.  Only time will tell whether it will continue to grow and prosper or slowly fade away among the likes of other Internet fads like Texts From Last Night or MLIA.

Regardless, the creators suggest that they intend to stick around for awhile.  Owayda said, “We try to make new ones everyday to keep people interested.  We really hope that it lasts a long time and is not just a fad.”

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