Campus Rec brings home the title

The women's intramural basketball team champions. Top row left: Megan Federline, Sattin Young, Bronwen Phillips, Jessica Raymond, Abby Frye. Second row left: Lauren Arnott, Carly Good(Freddie Lipata/Campus Rec)

At roughly 9pm, when George St seems desolate and quite, the Johnson Center is just gearing up. Many College of Charleston students gather together to formulate teams to participate in their choice sport(s). Campus Recreation Services, also known as Campus Rec, offers a plethora of sports for people to join in such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, kickball, etc.

Recently the College of Charleston intramural basketball teams competed in the Charleston Cup Basketball Tournament which consisted of numerous top intramural basketball teams from Charleston Southern University, The Citadel, and the College of Charleston. The victors of the men and women’s basketball tournament were both from the CofC.

The members of the women’s championship team were: Abby Frye, Lauren Arnott, Carly Good, Megan Federline, Jessica Raymond, Sattin Young, Bronwen Phillips and Sonny McFarland. The men’s championship roster consisted of: Dylan Nadeau, Taylor Locklear, Zack Mills, Thai Phi, Wes Spears and Chris White.

The playoffs and the championship games were played in the Brewer Center at Charleston Southern University, but the build up to these championship games all this took place in the Johnson Center, where CofC students were competing with one another during the winter season.

The men gather around their trophy after winning the championship. Left: Taylor Locklear, Chris White, Dylan Nadeau, Wes Spears, Zach Mills.(Freddie Lipata/Campus Rec)

The hustle behind the intramural basketball league is obvious once entering the gym. The vitality to play basketball among friends and new acquaintances is palpable with the squeaking sound of gym shoes tracking the floor and the ring of voices calling to each other during the games. Spectators can even be heard cheering their friends on from the second deck of the gym as they watch the basketball games. With two basketball games in operation at once at the Johnson Center, it is quite obvious that CofC is nestled in a town of basketball enthusiasts.

During the Charleston Cup Basketball Tournament two CofC men’s teams, that participated in the tournament, ended up facing each other in the semi finals. However, with great sportsmanship in the program, there were no signs of hard feelings between the teams after having to compete against each other for the title.

Note these games are not prepared with playbooks and intense practices. Instead they are a gathering of people who like the game and are looking for a place to shoot hoops, be active, and take a reprieve from the school grind. Even members from the teams who played in the championships noted that they just gather with other students to shoot hoops without much prep behind any given game.

Campus Rec continues to be an outlet for anyone with a desire to hit the gym and meet some new faces in the process. With its welcoming atmosphere there is no doubt that Campus Rec will again hold great memories, such as bringing home winners from the Charleston Cup Basketball Tournament, for 2012-2013.

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