City Bistro takes on green initiative


Junior Chris Phillips holds up his reusable to-go box from City Bistro. The cafeteria now offers reusable to-go boxes for a one time fee of $3. (Photo by Daniel McKnight)

City Bistro implemented a new method this year in order to achieve new green initiatives on campus. The cafeteria now has a new method regarding the way it distributes its to-go meals. It is made of plastic and costs a one time $3 fee per student.

The to-go boxes relieve certain expenses for the company by circulating the new reusable to-go boxes among students.  As well as completely cutting disposable boxes out of the picture, Adam Blake, location manager at City Bistro, said, “The whole idea behind reusable containers is to get away from unnecessary trash. Boxes are being thrown in the garbage which defeats the process.”

Though Aramark, the College of Charleston’s food service provider, continues its sustainability efforts, skeptics may remember last year’s investigation that Aramark may not be telling the whole story.

Sarah Sheafer, editor-in-chief of CisternYard News, wrote an article last year titled, “The Picture Aramark Paints.” The article brought to light the questionable claims Aramark made in regard to sustainability.

Blake would not comment on the past article, but said, “We’re not trying to fool anybody. Going green is an important part of our everyday practice. We continually strive to produce sustainability. This is just another effort to further that drive. Nevertheless, everybody is entitled to their opinion.”

Some students seemed pleased with the idea. However, some were a little weary concerning means to sanitize the boxes. Seeing as they are plastic, the kitchen staff is unable to subject them to extreme temperatures.

Senior Brandi Magana said, “I think City Bistro is making the right move. When this dining hall was The Hungry Cougar everything was disposable.”

Some students offered other suggestions. Sophomore Ronnie Grijalva said, “Don’t stop with the to-go containers, make it so all kitchenware is reusable.”

Junior Chris Phillips noted the benefits of the to-go boxes. He said, “Just as convenient as the old ones. Though less wasteful because before you would find the disposables laying all around the city.”

Aramark is here to stay, at least until 2015 when their contract with the College of Charleston runs out. Though that bridge will be crossed when the time comes. For now, Aramark said it is open to suggestions regarding green initiatives.

“Generally speaking, we know betterment for the environment is something that we need to be more aware and conscious of. We, as a company, are always looking to be innovative. We work closely with the SGA as well as many other student organizations in order to produce better results for the community,” Blake said. “We are here to serve the student community first and foremost. Coinciding with the college’s mission and goals are of great importance.”


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