Junior Astronomers Raise the Tin Roof

Terrance Richards, Philip Wheeler, Colin Watts, Eli Pittman, and Jeffery Saer of the Junior Astronomers (Courtesy of the Junior Astronomers)

As the Junior Astronomers took the stage at Tin Roof on Tuesday, my heart skipped a beat. As a fan, getting to see a band you enjoy live is one of the greatest experiences to be had, especially in a small venue like Tin Roof.

I’ve followed the members of Junior Astronomers since high school, when they played shows in church halls and in record stores. Terrance, Philip, Jeffrey, Colin, and Eli have worked hard to make music their entire lives, and it’s finally paying off. After two EPs, they have started working on their first full-length album, Dead Nostalgia. The band has also been signed by Famous Gentlemen, the same label as Manchester Orchestra.

The band has been touring with Famous Gentlemen for about a month, and they have just started on their college town tour. Time spent on the road for Junior Astronomers is one of the boys’ favorite things.

Terrance said, “Life on the road brings out the best in everybody and the worst in everybody.” The boys have had some fun on tour, performing with other greats like The Weeks, All Get Out and O’Brother. Tour antics seem endless with these guys, especially when it comes to competitions. At one point on tour, Eli and Terrance wore tank tops for two weeks straight. They even showered and performed in them. The Junior Astronomers said they love having a good time and love performing even more.

As a singer, Terrance Richards sounds like a punk version of The Strokes, and Jeffery Saer’s writing brings a very distinct sound to the group, with Eli Pittman bringing it all together on the drums. While they sound like a mixture of Bear vs. Shark and The Strokes, they have a wide variety of influences for their music. “We listen to a lot of different things, if you listen to stuff that sounds too much like you it can end up negatively affect your sound,” Colin said.

While the sound of Junior Astronomers has grown up significantly, the guys haven’t grown up too much. They are constantly joking and having fun, which is probably why their music is still worth listening to. Their first two EPs (I Had Plans for Us and I Just Want to Make a Statement) are available on their website, and I’m patiently awaiting the release of Dead Nostalgia early next year. Junior Astronomers stopped by the CisternYard Radio studio to do an interview before their show at Tin Roof and really got into talking about life on the road and their upcoming album.

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