New club at the College catches a few waves

The Girls Surf Club is currently in their 28-day waiting period with SGA to become a registered organization. The club met with SGA earlier this semester to discuss club details such as renting surf boards for club members. (Photo courtesy of Orangetaki via Flickr Creative Commons)

The feeling of warm sand between the toes. The sun beating down on perspiring skin. Reading a textbook with the calming sound of waves crashing in the background. Some students can’t think of a better way to go to college than to attend a school that’s just a few miles from the beach. For students like junior Katherine Osorio who love to surf, being in such close proximity to the coast while in school is a definite perk.

Osorio is originally from Maryland and her home is located three hours from the coast, but she spends her summers in Florida where she gets to surf everyday. She’s been surfing for five years, and got involved with the sport with her dad.

Wanting to get involved here at the College and continue with surfing, Osorio joined the Water Sports Club on campus. To her dismay, surfing is not one of the activities that the club sponsors, so this semester Osorio is forming her own girls surfing club.

“I made it all girls because guys like to take over,” Osorio said. “This is just easier.”

Because this new club is only for women, it can’t be a sanctioned organization on campus that receives a budget; however, they can be a registered organization that request money from the SGA’s contingency fund.

Despite being a registered organization that doesn’t receive a budget, the surf club won’t lack in opportunity and experience for interested members. “(This year) I want to do movie nights, potlucks, and I want to introduce an environmental aspect into the club,” Osorio said.

For anyone interested in joining the club, Osorio said all they need to bring is an open mind. “No experience necessary,” Osorio said. And not only do members not need to have prior surfing experience, they may not need to come with their own boards. “We’re going to work with local shops on Folly to rent boards,” Osorio said.

With no prior experience, no surf board but with an open mind, new members are practically set; although, Osorio warns that surfing is not the easiest sport to learn. “It’s one of the only sports where it’s a constant learning curse, but it’s just fun to be out there,” Osorio said. “The more balance you have, the better.”

For beginners, it’s currently hurricane season so this is a more difficult time to begin learning, but in the spring, members will be able to become more active. Regardless of the season, Osorio is “stoked” about this new project and is “excited to teach people” how to surf.

Osorio said, “Everyone, regardless of experience, should give it a try. It’s a feeling like no other.”


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