What We’re Listening To: Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day from the CYR staff! This week we’re bringing you a special Valentine’s Day playlist! Our selections are listed below, click here to listen to them on Spotify.


“Love On Top”//Beyonce

  • I want Beyonce’s love on top.

“Love Is A Verb”//John Mayer

  • I used to think that love was just a noun, but now I know that it’s a verb too.

“You Used To Hold Me”//Calvin Harris

  • That ex-girlfriend of mine sure was a bitch.

“Let’s Get It On”//Marvin Gaye

  • Heyyyy! What’s up ladies?

Cayla Clarke:

“We Get On”//Kate Nash

  • What’s Valentine’s Day without some angst? Kate Nash’s Made of Bricks is an honest, relate-able album, and “We Get On” is the perfect embodiment of that honesty. She’s sort of like Taylor Swift for the college crowd, minus the self-righteous attitude. Also, I’m pretty sure everyone’s knocked back a bottle of wine and locked themselves in the loo, or is that just me?

“With Ur Love”//Cher Lloyd

  • Being angsty all the time is hard work, so here’s Cher Lloyd with some happy fare to brighten your Valentine’s Day!

“Boyfriend”//Best Coast

  • Lo-fi/Surf pop pining at it’s finest.

“Give Me Love”//Ed Sheeran

  • Obviously, we’re big fans of Mr. Sheeran in this office, so it’s no surprise he found his way onto this playlist. “Give Me Love” is filled with passion, yearning, and some good old fashioned angst. Why not have a couple of pints and call that special someone? Also, the live version of “Give Me Love” is phenomenal (you can check that out here).


“Save Me”//Gotye

“Your Song”//Elton John

“All Shook Up”//Elvis Presley


“Moneybox”//Eliza Dolittle


“By The Way They Dance”//Jump Little Children

  • This is one of the most saccharin sweet songs I’ve ever heard, but in a good way. I’m still upset JLC disbanded before I got the memo on how wonderful they were (are?).

“Everlong”//Foo Fighters

  • If you don’t like this song, we can’t be friends. This is a song that one could argue takes itself too seriously, but I would argue because it is the early Foo Fighters it is still perfect. When I first started dating my boyfriend I would put this song on repeat and dance around my family room because it (and he!) made me so happy.

“Kiss Me”//Ed Sheeran

  • Everyone is probably upset about the constant Ed-love in this office, but there is no stopping the Ginger Jesus. This song was written for the wedding of his godparents. Find the video online and look it up. So sweet, but not in a sickening way because it portrays a relationship in a natural progression and not a fairy tale.

“Lovesong”//The Cure

  • Just pure feelings. Adele’s version is also beyond lovely.


*Reasons for Matt’s song choices may have been embellished by Matt’s co-workers, although we’re pretty sure they’re not too far from the truth.


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