College to offer Archaeology and Marketing as majors in Fall 2013

Beginning in Fall 2013, the College will offer two new majors: Archaeology and Marketing. (Photo courtesy of Micah A. Ponce via Flickr Creative Commons)

As if choosing a major wasn’t hard enough, in Fall 2013 the College is adding archaeology and marketing majors for students to choose from.

While both archaeology and marketing are offered as programs of study as a minor and concentration, respectively, both majors will build upon the current programs by offering more classes and more opportunities for students to develop their experience in specific areas of interest.

Barbara Borg, program director for archaeology, said that the major was initially conceived as a “cognate (linked) major” meaning that it is required for students to pair archaeology with another major in a related field. Borg said, “Archaeology is very interdisciplinary, so this makes sense. The program is also very flexible in that a student can pair the Aarchaeology major with many different specialties, depending upon where they see their interests and their career going.”

Archaeology has been offered as a minor at the College since 2005, the first archaeology minor in the state. The new major continues with the same trailblazing quality, as the College is the first in South Carolina allowing students to major in archaeology.

Borg said that she thinks that the College continues to be the first to offer these areas of study because of the “overall historic preservation mentality that exists here… We pushed hard to have the first major because we had the first minor.”

According to Julia Blose, department chair of the new marketing major, the addition of the major to the School of Business was the result of student, faculty and employer demand.

“We have been offering a concentration in marketing since 2005 for which there has been consistent levels of demand through the years (roughly 50 or so students per year). Feedback we received from students, potential employers and faculty, however, is that the concentration designation was somewhat confusing.  The new major better describes what the program really is and will better position students for a career in the marketing field.”

Blose said that she expects the new marketing courses to attract students from other disciplines to take classes within the Business School.  She said, “We expect two new course offerings, in particular (Social Media Marketing and Sports Marketing) to appeal to a broad range of majors.”

Ya You, a Ph.D student at University of Central Florida will teach social media marketing when she joins the College’s faculty this fall.

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