What We’re Listening To: Week of March 11

Welcome to another installment of What We’re Listening To with the CYR Staff! Our selections this week are a bit all over the place, ranging from the 80’s to the coolest kids at SXSW. To listen to these songs scroll to the bottom of this post, and to hear playlists from previous weeks check us out on Spotify.


Dramaophone”//Caravan Palace

  • It’s the perfect blend of old time-y swing music fused with contemporary electronic house/dance music.

“Short Skirt, Long Jacket”//Cake

  • Who doesn’t like Cake?
“Loud Pipes”//Ratatat
  • I heard this on Pandora and I can’t stop jammin’.
“Shadows”//Lindsey Stirling
  • This chick shreds on the violin over awesome electronic music. Oh yeah, and she’s a babe.


Since there wasn’t a theme assigned this week, I decided to come up with one of my own. I call this little number “About Today.” Each of the tracks listed represents a particular day where I learned something new about myself or someone in close proximity to me. It has been a succession of days that has felt like years, folks….

“Club of Rome”//The Cads

  • My sister Rosalie introduced me to them over Spring Break. She said, “Don’t laugh at this track,” but I couldn’t help myself. It’s a song that’s so quintessentially her: energetic, edgy, and etc, etc. It also doesn’t hurt that The Cads are the strange lovechild of Two Door Cinema Club and Animal Kingdom. Well done, older baby sister. Well done.

“Hurricane”//MS MR

  • I’m thrilled about how this track found its way into my life. Someone, who I didn’t think cared much for me, told me they’d come across a song that reminded them of me. Not to be obvious or anything, but it mirrors my internal monologue to a T (and I’ve had it on repeat for the last two days). How did they know?! Life can be so surprising.

“Diet Mountain Dew”//Lana Del Rey

  • It’s quixotic and haunting. What more could I ask for in a track? I also enjoy her cinematic sound, and would agree that she’s a “self-styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra.”


  • This one goes out to Cayla Clarke. One day we’ll have luscious hair, and all the boys will stare!

Cayla Clarke:

“Arctic”//Local Channel

  • I created a “High and Dry” Pandora station the other day, and although there was zero Radiohead played during my hour of listening, this song came up. Hailing from my favorite Los Angeles neighborhood, Silverlake, Local Channel is a three piece that incorporates electronic elements into their very traditional indie rock sound. There’s something sort of warm and moody about this song, I could listen to it for ages.


  • Leading the charge of cool, new bands from Birmingham (in England), Peace kind of reminds me of Boy & Bear, but if you took away the uber folksy element, or a less pretentious Foals. Like some of the other artists I’ve selected below, Peace is playing during SXSW this week. They’re also prepping their debut album for Columbia Records, set for release at the end of this month. Peace is definitely a band on the rise.
“Best of Friends”//Palma Violets
  • Another band hailing from England, NME is practically peeing their pants over this London based group of friends turned band mates. These guys just released their debut album, 180, a matter of days ago, and there’s a lot of hype surrounding them. I’m pretty sure all of that hype is justified based on the energy of their live shows and  the catchiness of  their first single, “Best of Friends.”
“Poetic Justice”// Kendrick Lamar and Drake
  • I guess Kendrick Lamar is the rapper of the moment, and I’m not shy about my undying love for Jimmy Brooks, I mean Drake. I’m also a sucker for a movie or pop culture reference. On a serious note, it’s kind of romantic and filled with clever metaphors. Kendrick Lamar and Drake both have this emotional and vulnerable way about them, and their paring seems natural, like these two were made to make music together. How could you not love this?


“Love Will Tear Us Apart”// Fall Out Boy

“Love Will Tear Us Apart”//Joy Division

  • I heard the FOB version of this song first and have since listened to both fairly regularly. I haven’t quite figured out why I am so fond of this song, but that’s not really something that matters. Cayla and I listened to Joy Division on Wednesday, and it was wonderful, so I highly recommend it.

“Gold Trans Am”//Ke$ha

  • The best of songs about vaginas. I regret not sending Ke$sha my wisdom teeth after asking the dentist to keep them. I was still on drugs, so it seemed like a good idea, and Ke$ha jewelry would be a better use for my teeth than somewhere in the garbage.

“Heart it Races”//Architecture in Helsinki

  • I’ve had a very odd love affair with this song since high school. I tried to convince my little sister that this would be a good song to play when she is up to bat at her home softball games, but alas that idea was shot down. However, I still stand by it.

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