CARTA offers new bus tracking online

For college students without a car, the beaches which students regularly brag about can seem elusive. In the past, the solution to the no-car-no-beach problem was solved primarily through 1) bumming a ride or 2) taking the bus. CARTA, Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority, and CARTA’s Trolley service, DASH, have been getting students into greater Charleston and the surrounding suburbs for years.

CofC students ride CARTA busses for free by flashing their Cougar Cards, but what may seem like an economical solution to local travel often leaves students waiting endlessly at bus stops. Reliable busses are not the problem; it is that most students do not know when the bus is scheduled to pass their designated stop. On March 18, CARTA announced their new online bus tracking service and provided a solution to this problem.

Anyone looking to ride CARTA or DASH just needs to access CARTA’s website,, from their computer or smart phone, and they can track their bus in real-time along its route. Simply enter the address that you’re leaving from and the address of where you want to go, and the bus tracker gives the location of the bus and estimated transit time. With busses this easy to track, suddenly the beach doesn’t seem so far away.

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  1. March 26, 2013 @ 2:04 pm Ken R

    Nice post, and an invaluable tool. Charter Bus Rentals are reliable and excellent for transportation. Location times should be tracked to these as well!


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