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Students at the College of Charleston have dozens of thoughts running through their minds everyday. Between work, school and a social life, they may not always have the time to focus on what they put in their mouths.

Charleston is a hub for delicious food. This city has so many options, someone could eat for a year and not taste the same thing twice. Being bombarded by choices does not always mean that we are picking the healthiest option. Luckily, here comes the savior from on high. For those who care about nourishing their bodies the healthy way, Charleston’s gem offers a quick solution to the daily grind and hunger pangs.

Verde, located on 347 Kings St. is considered to be a rare breed by many. It’s not often that there’s a restaurant that satisfies the taste bud and metabolism, but when it comes to healthy and tasty options Verde takes the cake. On top of these great health perks, their location and speedy service offer an opportunity to squeeze nutrition into even the most hectic schedule.

Verde’s store front catches the eye. Their color scheme has the power to pull even a blind man off the street. Upon walking through the doors there is a cool and welcoming atmosphere. The smiling faces that greet every costumer contribute to the positive vibes and happy digestive tracts.

At Verde no two salads will ever be the same, but they all start with a base.  There is no better choice for a diet then to include a large amount of leafy greens, and Verde offers four varieties of crisp, fragrant fillers. Indecisive costumers should read up on the menu before making the trip, it’ll make things easier.

After you have decided on your base, Verde offers dozens of ingredients to spice up the meal. This is where Verde stands above the rest. Anyone, in any mood, on any day, can walk away feeling full refreshed and proud of the decision they made. Feeling sluggish? If you need a quick boost and an enduring cleanse start with spinach, add in some broccoli, sprouts and cilantro and sprinkle it all with a little lime juice to help it go down smooth. Feeling empty; need to put some weight in your stomach? Verde offers an array of meats and cheeses to cater to even the largest stomach. Do you need something fun and zesty; want to give your taste buds a shock? Start with mescaline, add beets, edamame, avocado, hearts of palm, mandarin oranges, basil, dried cranberries and wasabi peas. Dress the whole thing with chipotle lime vinaigrette and you’re in for a meal that will delight even the most adamant foodie.

As soon as you step through the doors it becomes instantly obvious that the Verde management cares deeply about customer satisfaction. Their specially prepared dressings and the bounty of ingredients offer something for everyone. With Verde on King street, why would you ever need to go anywhere else?

*The views in this article represent the opinion of the author, and not those of CisternYard News. 

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