SGA votes to expand Good Samaritan Clause

Senator Ian Moore presents his resolution in front of Senate. Moore's resolution passed in support of amending the Good Samaritan clause to include drugs. (Photo by Charles Nguyen)

“Can we not agree that everyone deserves a second chance?” sophomore senator Ian Moore at the SGA Senate session held April 2. Moore supports an extension of the Good Samaritan/Amnesty Clause, as stated in the handbook, to include not only alcohol related incidents, but incidents involving any harmful substances.

Currently the Good Samaritan clause states “that any student who is in need of medical care during an alcohol- related emergency… and who receives or actively seeks out such care… may do so without fear of being subjected to Student Disciplinary action,” the purpose being to “encourage student to seek assistance when [a] student is [in] need of medical attention or when that student knows of another student in need of medical care due to alcohol poisoning.”

“The cops should be the last thing to enter [a student’s] mind,” Moore said when speaking at the Senate meeting. Other senators agreed that the Good Samaritan clause is a positive policy for the school. One related their experience before college where they saw friends stand by while others showed signs of overdosing with drugs and alcohol.

Currently the clause pertains only to alcohol related incidences, wording that Moore is hoping to change. His goal is to modify “alcohol” to “medical,” to encompass drugs that he says cause just as much harm. “There are holes in the wording big enough for students to fall through,” he said.

Some senators argued this change would increase drug use, as there would be less fear of consequences. In response, Moore cited a school’s situation similar to ours where they made a comparable change to what he’s proposing. In this example, 911 calls increased while drug use levels remained stationary.

At the end of debate, Senator Lauren O’Grady said, ”Bottom line, this saves lives. Why would we not want to save lives?” This was the last comment before the issue went to a vote, where it was approved unanimously.

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