The College rallies for marriage equality

Students gather in the Cistern Yard for a rally in support of marriage equality. (Photo by Sarah Sheafer)

“Charleston believes in marriage equality!” A small but mighty group of students, faculty, and community members sang out this chant on Tuesday, April 16 in the Cistern Yard at a marriage equality rally. The group included the rally’s organizer, senior Dan Klein, as well as special speakers Dr. Leigh Moscowitz from the communication department and Tom Holcomb from Safe Zone. The Gay-Straight Alliance also collaborated with the event.

Klein organized the rally in hopes of reminding the community that marriage equality is an urgent topic. “It’s a really important issue and people should remember that there are people in our country who are not living with their constitutional rights,” he said.

Holcomb touched on the disputed unconstitutionality of denying homosexual people the right to marry, as well, citing a denial of the pursuit of happiness. In addition, rights regarding hospital visitations, child custody, taxes and more are denied to unmarried homosexual couples. Marriage also has intrinsic value as an aspect of American culture.

Moscowitz compared the benefits and arguments supporting gay marriage to a familiar battle ground fought 50 years ago – interracial marriage. “Those of us who are committed to social justice causes see that there is a connection between these two things,” she said.

The comparison between civil rights and gay rights was especially poignant because the rally fell on the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail. Moscowitz reminded the group of the lesson learned from Letter from Birmingham Jail, saying, “We have a moral obligation to break unjust laws.”

Leigh Moscowitz compares civil rights and gay rights at the marriage equality rally. (Photo by Sarah Sheafer)

Some of the legal battles have already been fought and won, beginning with Massachusetts’ legalization of gay marriage in 2004. Since then, eight other states have legalized gay marriage, and two court cases contesting the illegitimacy of gay marriages are currently before the Supreme Court. “We’ve come a long way maybe,” Holcomb said. “but we still have a long way to go.”

Isabel Williams, secretary of the Gay-Straight Alliance, shared her perspective on the gay community at the College after the other speakers finished. “This campus I think is extremely inclusive and everyone can feel happy here no matter who you are,” she said. “I think it’s really exciting for all of us that we can be a part of this movement right now.”

She echoed Klein’s original reason for creating the rally, saying, “We’re here today to say that we haven’t forgotten yet – that [marriage equality] wasn’t something that just popped up in the news…We might have a long way to go, so this is a great moment.”

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  1. April 18, 2013 @ 10:20 pm Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui

    Same-sex marriage disregards the natural order of procreatory responsibility, not only confusing the natural disposition of parental authority; but undermining the legal principle that children have a right to a relationship with their biological parents, depriving a child access to their biological parent’s genetic, cultural and social heritage, not for extraordinary circumstances, but as a matter of routine. Same-sex marriage amounts to institutionalized adultery through a hostile takeover of civil society by the State. Children will no longer be entitled to their biological parents, as the transitory wants of same-sex adults will have taken precedence over a child’s best interest.

    Children are not pets one purchases from rescue shelters(adoption clinics) and puppy mills(insemination and surrogacy). Children are human beings endowed with a natural desire to be procreated from an engendered act of love between a husband and a wife. Same-sex marriage is adulterous by nature and thereby destructive to not only children, but to our civilization.

    Here are two truths regarding marriage: (1) A man creating a family with another man is not equal to creating a family with a woman, and (2) denying children parents of both genders at home is an objective evil. Kids need and yearn for both.

    Same-sex marriage proponents demand “Marriage Equality”, yet, in return, they offer less-than-equal protection of the child’s happiness than can be afforded through the presence of both biological parents.

    Same-sex proponents profess that it is love which gives the right to join the institution of marriage, yet, in doing so, they selfishly violate the principle loving objective of this noble institution; to protect a child’s Natural Right to be raised by both biological parents.

    Same-sex marriage is not justice in the eyes of a child. Same-sex marriage is an abuse of power, a tyrannical subversion of the fundamental principles of marriage and the duties which it enjoins; contrary to the nature and state of man, same-sex marriage is merely the unwarranted whims of an ignorant and selfish generation whose conduct is nothing less that an embarrassment to the dignity of mankind.

    In fine, same-sex marriage is an unnatural extravagance which the supporters most ignorantly claim to be a “right”.

    “No one has a right to do that which, if everybody did it, would destroy society.” —Immanuel Kant


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