Reintroducing CisternYard Radio

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands up and your lighters in the air –  CisternYard Radio is back and better than ever.

After a full year of fighting to buy a functional server during the 2012 to 2013 academic year, CYR now has the right equipment to broadcast everyone’s favorite music and talk shows from the only student-run radio program on campus.

Cayla Williams, the public relations manager for CYR, is ready to get back on air. “I want us to be recognizable just because we were gone for so long,” she said. “This is kind of our moment, so we have to strike now.”

One change that she is hoping will make their programming more attractive to listeners is their new flagship shows. Stations will now revolve around these very popular shows and they will develop loyal audiences that will always tune in at the same time, similarly to how people listen to the same shows every day on their morning commutes. According to Williams, the goal is for people to recognize these flagship shows and say, “I know that’s CYR. That’s a thing.”

One flagship show that CYR is especially excited about is the serial “Charleston Dead,” which tells a zombie-apocalypse story in the style of a 1940s radio broadcast. Miscellany, the College’s student-run literary and art magazine, is partnering with CYR to produce the series.

In addition to Miscellany, CYR hopes to partner with other student organizations in order to expand their reach and increase involvement across campus. Already this year, they partnered with CAB to interview Big K.R.I.T. when he came to campus in September.

Meredith Wohl, the CYR assistant public relations manager, expressed her excitement to create new collaborations. “We definitely want to be more inclusive of everyone this year,” she said.

In addition to interacting with more organizations, CYR is including more volunteers, which creates more diverse programming.

“You’re getting a taste of everything,” Williams said. “There’s definitely something for everyone.”

WORK HARD PLAY HARD: CisternYard Radio staff gathers around an office computer to watch a comical music video.  (Photo by Tanner Hoisington)

WORK HARD PLAY HARD: CisternYard Radio staff gathers around an office computer to watch a comical music video. (Photo by Tanner Hoisington)

Music programming ranges from the J-Pop and K-Pop station “Gong Gong Ichi” to classical music hour. Quirky talk shows created by CYR staff and volunteers are interspersed with the music to provide comic relief and thought-rovoking discussions.

Thomas “Kon” Robinson, CYR’s general manager, hosts a show, along with Chantelle Simmons, entitled “#ThankYouBasedKon.” “It’s just us sitting around, talking about pop culture, music, entertainment and making fun of all of it,” Robinson said.  “And occasionally ourselves.” From Williams’ point of view, talking about themselves is not all that bad. “We all have big personalities,” she said.

Even with so many big personalities, the CYR staff members always get along. “It’s like a big family,” Robinson said. The atmosphere at the CYR studio certainly reflects this sentiment. The cozy room is filled with couches, chairs, desks and, most importantly, lots of happy people.

“It’s about more than just coming in and doing your job every week,” Williams said.

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Additional interviews conducted by Ashley Sprouse.


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