Monday’s with Marissa: Go Crazy for Halloween

Halloween is here. We’ve been preparing.  Thinking out what we’re going to wear, what we’re going to do.  Deciding if we’re going to dress provocatively or more innocent.

With our costume decisions comes our choice on how we’re going to do our makeup.  Halloween is the time to really play up your makeup and have fun with it, especially if you don’t play up your makeup on a day-to-day basis.  You can go crazy,  go wild.  Use all the glitter you want in the world, or go as dark as can be.

So let’s go crazy! The looks:

Rock the cat eye this Halloween (the right way) (Photo courtesy of Nico Paix via Flickr Creative Commons)

Rock the cat eye this Halloween (the right way) (Photo courtesy of Nico Paix via Flickr Creative Commons)

For a classic and innocent (or not so innocent) doll makeup look, start with a “porcelain” base.  Using liquid foundation smooth out your skin and make your face look as flawless as can be.  Finish this with a light powder to further smooth and conceal.  Next for the look are the cheeks.  Take medium-sized powder brush and some rose or pink colored blush and create a circle of blush on the apples of your cheeks.  Using a brown eyeliner pencil, or brown eye shadow and a paintbrush-like eyeliner brush, apply freckles on and around the blushed area.  Finally, you must finish up the look with the eyes.  Using a liquid eyeliner pen, draw lower eyelashes on in a “Twiggy” inspired look and line the top of the eyes in a cat eye fashion.

For the look we’ve all done since we were little, the cat, we must begin with the nose.  Take a black cream eyeliner pencil or a black paint pot and brush the color on the tip of your nose.  Draw a line connecting the bottom of your nose to the center of you upper lip.  From there, continue to use the same color and shade in a small section of your top lip as well as a small central section of your lower lip.  Then, draw on your whiskers.  For your eyes, do dramatic winged liner with a liquid eyeliner pen and finish it off with volumizing mascara or fake eyelashes.

A woodland fairy or just fairy look is perfect for Halloween, whether you’re trying to be scandalous or cute and innocent.  The ideal eye makeup for this would be a green smokey eye.  Using three different shades of green this can be accomplished, and you’ll need a light, medium and dark shade.  Using a small fluffy brush cover your eyelids with the light shade evenly.  Using a slightly more compact “puff” brush take the medium shade and color that along the crease of the eye starting from the outside.  Using the darkest shade and the smaller brush, color it in the outer crease and continue it to the outer corner of the eye, filling in more area if you see necessary.  With the green look on, get out the glitter.  Using an iridescent glitter sweep it along the eyes and along the cheekbones.  You may also want to line the eyes but that is not completely necessary when creating a more innocent and ethereal look.

Everyone and their mother knows that Ke$ha’s look is always wild and crazy.  This makes it a perfect Halloween look.  The first thing you’re going to do is outline a star on your right eye with a bright shade of eye shadow using a paintbrush-like eyeliner brush.  Next fill in the star with the same eye shadow using a bigger and fluffier brush.  Now, it’s time for glitter.  For this you can go as far out or as modest with the glitter as you want, however I’d suggest going all out. Using a small or medium fluffy brush, apply any color of glitter to the star, filling it in as evenly as you can.  Using a gel type of glitter outline the star you made, this will create a glittery border for the star.  To finish up the look take a large fluffy brush and using some loose glitter dust it around the star.  Voila! You have a perfect Ke$ha inspired look.

Halloween is the prime time to do what you want with your look, so go out there and be wild – with some killer makeup.

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