Mondays with Marissa: It’s Boot Season!

It’s that time of year…the time when we want to be all cozy and warm.  The time when we just want to wear sweaters and drink warm drinks.  The time when we decide we want to wear boots. Boots are a major staple for fall weather, whether they’re cowgirl, short, tall, slouchy or structured.   The consensus though is that they’re essential to our fall look. But how do we wear them?

  • If you’re wearing extremely tall boots, these do not need long boot sock underneath.  Instead just pair them with some leggings or jeans and rock them.  To clarify, these
    These boots were made for walkin' (Photo courtesy of Identity Photography via Flickr Creative Commons)

    These boots were made for walkin’ (Photo courtesy of Identity Photography via Flickr Creative Commons)

    “extremely tall” boots should hit above knee length.

  • If you’re wearing a cowgirl boot you definitely do not need a boot sock of any kind.  These can be paired with just about any outfit you choose, like dresses, jeans, skirts, shorts, you name it.  These type of boots are also great for summer so they’re a multi-seasonal staple for your wardrobe.
  • For boots that hit under the knee, preferably mid-calf height, a sock can be paired to make the ideal fall look.  These socks can be really anything; cashmere, knitted, crotched.  The more sweater-like the better though, in my opinion. These boots and socks can be paired with just about anything so they are most definitely the ideal fall piece.
  • For shorter boots, hitting ankle height or lower-calf height, a shorter sock can be worn. If the boot is more slouchy and casual a sock is preferred, however if the boot is more “bootie-like” a sock is not necessary.  Ultimately though it’s up to how you’re pairing the boots with your outfit.
  • Lastly on our fall and winter boot list is the most loved and hated UGG boots.  We love to love them and love to hate them, but when should we really wear them?  They feel like heaven on our feet but to many look like space boots.  Personally, coming from a place where UGG boots are a staple, I think these boots can be paired with jeans or leggings, with or without a sock.  They’re comfortable, versatile and come in so many colors and styles that you can wear them anytime.  The only ones I’d advice steering clear of are the sequin styles, those never have a mature look to them whatsoever!  But I’ll never put down a good boot.  UGG boots are comfortable and perfect for when the weather hits that chilly, “toe-freezing” state.

As the weather gets cooler, and we start dressing warmer boots are our best friends.  We love some and we hate some, but in the end they’re what’s keeping our toes warm when we really can’t wear sandals anymore.  And ladies, it’s about time to put the sandals away because it’s boot season.

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