Mondays with Marissa: The art of wearing scarves

The chilly air of fall and winter gives us the perfect time to get cozy with our attire. This means perfecting the art of wearing scarves. There are a myriad of ways to wear them ranging from funky knots to simplistic wraps, and with different styles of scarves becoming more popular, the possible ways to wear them are endless.

Infinity Scarf via bickiepickie on Flickr Creative Commons

Infinity scarf (Photo courtesy of  bickiepickie via Flickr Creative Commons).

One thing that can be perfected is knowing how much scarf to wear.  Sometimes we pick scarves that are too bulky for our build or are significantly disproportionate to our size, so we should determine the right amount to wear.

For taller or larger frames go for:

  • Bulky knitted scarves
  • Longer scarves that aren’t too thin
  • Long “infinity” scarves

With a larger or taller frame, you can carry a bulky scarf better than someone with a more petite frame. But when choosing your scarf make sure it is still not too thin, which will look somewhat disproportionate against your body type, or possibly  too short.

For smaller, petite frames:

  • Regular length “infinity” scarves
  • Less bulky knit scarves
  • Thin scarves

Lightweight infinity scarf (Photo courtesy of smittenkittenorig via Flickr Creative Commons).

Smaller body frames tend to be overpowered or weighed down by larger bulky scarves, so thinner scarves are optimal. However, this does not mean you should shy away from your fall favorites or knitted scarves; just choose ones that are not excessively bulky. A great option for petite frames is an “infinity” scarves because of their versatility.

After deciding upon which type of scarf you are going to wear, next you must choose how you are going to wear it. With infinity scarves, this is simple. You first put them around your neck and decide to either leave it like that or wrap it once more. With longer scarves, you can continually wrap them around your neck until you have reached the desired bulk to suit you body type, but this is not the only option.  You can wear them once around the back of your neck with no wrap necessary, a classic knot formed from looping the scarf or even tying it in a bow. The possibilities are endless and it is up to you.

Scarves are a fantastic way to play up your fall wardrobe, and with the variety out there, you can really match any style. Just remember that there is an art to wearing scarves… perfect it!

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  1. November 12, 2013 @ 12:20 pm Frustrated reader.

    There are SO many editing and grammar errors here. Lovely article, but copy editors should have read through this more thoroughly – it does the writer a discredit. Step up your game, Cisternyard.


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