Mondays with Marissa: Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Coming from a cold northern climate, the last thing I expected was for the weather to cool down and it to get less humid The weather has begun to cool down, hitting even in the forties last week, and the humidity is slipping away.  In the fall, we start layering, but what do we with our skin as it begins to languish from a lack of moisture?  The answer is simple, we moisturize.

If you don’t already, you should add moisturizing to your morning or daily routine.  This can include using a moisture rich scrub or cream, or just applying lotion to your face and body.  But take note: no two moisturizers do the same thing for everyone.  If you have sensitive skin, stay away from heavy, scented or extremely unnatural moisturizers.  If you have extremely dry skin, go for the heavier creams to add that extra needed moisture.  If you have oily skin, in any weather, go with the lighter option.  Personally, I recommend Neutrogena moisturizers over any other brand.


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As the weather changes, the composition of our skin does as well.  Those who previously may have had extremely clear skin may begin to develop more blemishes, while those who already had bouts of  acne may see it get worse.  If you’re like me, and think that the more you wash your face the more this can be prevented, you are wrong.  The more you wash your face, with either a cleanser or scrub, the less oils are in your skin causing it to become drier.  Instead, stick to washing your face once in the morning and before you go to bed, reducing the number of times you exfoliate as well. Also reduce the amount of hot, scalding water you use to wash your face.  Instead, wash with lukewarm water, this will aid in not drying out your skin.

To increase the amount of moisture in your skin and to be hydrated in general, drink more water.  Just like when it’s hot and you need more water, the drier weather and the lower temperatures call for it as well.  Try drinking some right when you wake up to kick start your day and drink it continuously throughout.  Increasing your water intake will not only help your body but it’s a step in a healthier direction if you regularly drink soda or energy drinks.

Despite these tried and true tips, many have found other alternative methods to keeping their skin moisturized. One most commonly recommended is the use of coconut oil. It can be used as a moisturizer, body lotion and even a leave-in conditioner.  This oil has many health benefits and is all-natural, a plus for many people.

Overall, there are many methods to keeping your skin and body healthy during the winter months.  Remember, the first step to healthy skin is keeping your skin moisturized and your body hydrated.  So keep it wet!

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