New Year, New You! (Or Not)

Ah, it’s that time again. The time when gyms are filled almost beyond capacity with individuals hoping to stop succumbing to the almighty American diet and get in shape. The time when the person who treated you like the scum of the earth  for the past year decides to treat you to lunch. Yes, it is the new year. As tradition holds, along with the new year come lofty goals and opportunities for people to better themselves by creating and following through resolutions. Yet, the second part (following through) seems to elude most individuals by the time January ends. This may explain the slight pessimistic attitude that some have developed toward new years resolutions.

So what are CofC students hoping to do differently in 2014? Check out some resolutions (or non-resolutions) from our student body.

Page Schwartz

Page Schwartz

“I really didn’t make any new years resolutions because I had a lame new years. They don’t come to fruition anyway so it’s kind of pointless,” Kelsey Gammon said.

“There’s no reason for them. I just think it’s bogus. You don’t need the first of the year to become a better person,” James Wentley said.

“I want to excercise more, make good grades, and smile at people more,” Page Schwartz said.

Gianni Turner

Gianni Turner

“Go to church more often, workout, drink more water, and have a more positive attitude,” Gianni Turner said.

“To not fail out of college,” Dylan Taylor said.

Whether you’ve set New Year’s resolutions or don’t believe their hype, everyone should strive to become better whether it be a new day or new year that ignites you to do so. Just don’t cancel your Planet Fitness black card membership once January ends.

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