Smog City Tour Presents: 12th Planet – A Show Review

Tonight was a night of firsts. Despite having been a long-time fan of all things EDM, I had never been to a live show before. Despite the fact that I have been at the College for two years now, I had not been to a show at the Charleston Music farm before. The show consisted of a lineup of DJs from Smog Records, headlined by 12th Planet and Protohype. Aside from 12th Planet, I had not heard of any of the DJs at this show. Little did I know, I was in for a treat. The venue itself, despite being inside of what looks like an old warehouse, was very spacious and well-equipped for a full on EDM concert. The stage consisted of turntables, 3 HD screens displaying animations, and speakers large enough to shake the entire city of Charleston.

The music of the night was a mixture of dubstep and trap. Smog Records’ DJs came ready to put on a show. I can say with confidence that all of the DJs that played were very talented. Aside from a few awkward transitions, each set had a solid tracklist and great stage presence. Steady started the party and got the crowd energized with a set of heavy hitting dubstep and trap tracks. Flinch came in and, without missing a beat, kept the energy up with a number of popular tracks. One such track was the J.Rabbit remix of the Tequila song that was so catchy it had the whole room moving, even the people on the wall at the back. Two Fresh, the twin DJs, rounded out the opener with the best set. They transitioned from chill trap to heavy dubstep several times, keeping the crowd guessing and asking for more at all times. Unfortunately, I could not stay through the 12th Planet set at the end, though he and Protohype went out with a bang with flashy animations and lighting effects and near flawless sets. All in all, it was a very positive and exciting experience that I won’t soon forget.

Bryan Charlot

You can catch his show, Mercury, every Tuesday from 10 PM – 12 AM on CisternYard Radio.

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