Alyssa Frye: Making Her Mark at the College and Beyond

Alyssa Frye has led Charleston in scoring and three point shooting each of the past two seasons. Photo courtesy

Alyssa Frye has led Charleston in scoring and three point shooting each of the past two seasons.
Photo courtesy

Finishing in the nation’s top 15 in three pointers made in a season is a great accomplishment. Setting the Southern Conference record for most three point field goals in a single season is a fantastic feat. But becoming a Division 1 program’s all time leader in three pointers, now that is a huge deal. For senior guard Alyssa Frye, that is how she has been spending her past two seasons for the women’s basketball team.

Bottom line: Frye is a brilliant shooter. When asked how she got to be such a great shooter, Frye attributed her parents, “a lot of it is just natural. I get it from my mom and my dad, but it has always been one of my things. I love being able to shoot the ball. It became a habit, and I just get into the gym and start shooting.”  

Prior to Charleston’s move to the Colonial Athletic Association, Frye broke several different records in the Southern Conference, including the mark for three-pointers made in 2012-2013. “It felt great. I was just glad that I had the opportunity to break a record. Not many people do that so it was just a great accomplishment,” remarked Frye when speaking about setting the SoCon record.

During the season she broke the SoCon record, she also finished 14th in the nation in three point field goals made, surrounded by women from major conference schools such as Connecticut and Georgetown. “It’s a great honor.  I’m just grateful to play with my team and be mentioned with some of the best players out there.”

After leading Charleston in scoring during the ’12-’13 campaign, Frye waisted no time finding her stroke at the start of this season. In the season opener, Frye scored 27 points against Kennesaw State on 5-7 shooting from behind the arc. In the Cougars’ first matchup with new conference rival, Northeastern, Frye lit up the scoreboard with 34 points on 10-14 shooting from three point range. Her 34 points became the all time single game scoring record in school history.

During her shooting barrage against Northeastern, Frye broke the Charleston record for most threes in a career. “When they told me, ‘Hey you just broke the record,’ I was just so excited. It was just a great feeling. Just another accomplishment to add to my books, and it couldn’t have happened with out my teammates.”

Frye also spoke about how being a senior on the team comes with many responsibilities. “I’m always held accountable. I am a senior, and there are four other seniors on the team. We are accountable for keeping the pace of the team and making sure everyone does what she has to do. So I definitely have to stay consistent, help my team out, and carry them, because I’m a senior and a leader. My standards are held high, and I expect a lot out of myself.”

After playing for the College for her entire career, Frye was asked what her most memorable moment would be, “That’s a tough question. I can’t pick one solid moment because there have been so many memories; so many people in and out of my career of basketball. I’m hoping that we win this CAA tournament. That will be my most memorable moment, because I definitely think we have a chance. We have the talent and the players for it.”

Although Frye has enjoyed her four years at College of Charleston, she shared a few thoughts about her plans for the future. “I’m just enjoying the journey and enjoying the ride. I’m loving playing with everyone. I’m taking one step at a time with whatever comes to me, and choosing what’s best for me at the time that it’s handed to me. I’m getting into the event planning field so that should be fun, but I’m just taking it one step at a time.”

As the season progresses towards the CAA championship, Frye has shown she does not need to be the leading scorer every game to be influential on the court. Ryan Madden, Assistant Director of Athletics Communication, may have said it best: “She [Frye] has that senior attribute of affecting the game even without scoring.” 

Frye is leaving her mark on the College, one that will be difficult to forget. But it is not just by the broken records that she will be remembered, she also is an extraordinary teammate and competitor that has rubbed off on everyone involved with the women’s basketball program. And that truly is the definition of a star player.

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