Starbucks, seating and study rooms included in Addlestone’s renovation


Addlestone Library will undergo revisions this summer, including new furniture, more outlets and more books. (Photo courtesy of cseeman via Flickr Creative Commons)

Addlestone Library will undergo revisions this summer, including new furniture, more outlets and more books. (Photo courtesy of cseeman via Flickr Creative Commons)

Marlene and Nathan Addlestone Library will undergo an extensive renovation during the summer of 2014, beginning in May and ending before fall semester begins.

Addlestone received over 1.5 million visits last year, growing by 500,000 since 2008. To keep up with this growing demand, the library will add new accommodations for students.

“These renovations will enable us, in the same footprint… to double special collections, add lots of shelving, [as well as] over 200 more seats,” renovation Project Coordinator Claire Fund said. It will also create the opportunity to add three additional study rooms on the third floor.

Renovators will create additional space by installing additional mobile shelving on the second and third floor, similar to the current set-up on the second floor, and reorganizing how the books are shelved.

Currently, the library’s general collection (books A-Z) are split between the second and third floor, but the renovation would allow for all general collection to be housed on the second floor, with bound journals and special collections above.

With the additional space, the College will also be able to host the South Carolina Historical Society’s archive collection. Having these resources, according to the College of Charleston website’s news feed, will place the College at the level of “top research centers in the nation for Southern studies.”

The third floor would also house a new hi-tech “flex” lecture room, seating 40 to 50 people, which would be equipped with monitors and exhibit walls. When not in use, the room could be opened for additional study space.

The library will also receive new furniture. “[We will probably] ask students to test it out… We’ll only buy furniture that is reliable, durable and solid, no veneer top… We want to make it right the first time,” Fund said.

More power outlets under tables will be added for students’ use. When told that many students had been struggling with the library’s lack of outlets, Fund rolled her eyes and replied, “No kidding.”

Starbucks will replace Java City as the library’s supplier of coffee and snacks. (For those of you who remember Jo from Java City, she will indeed return as a Starbucks employee.) Additional outdoor seating will also be added.

Preparations for the renovation begin as early as Spring Break. Bound periodicals will be packaged and placed on the first floor in the rotunda (center circle usually housing art). These journals will be unavailable, but if a student needs access to one not online, “we can get them for you with interlibrary loan,” Fund said.

Once final exams are finished, Addlestone will close the second and third floors. All books will be removed and placed into storage in order to install the mobile shelving and drill holes for the new outlets.

Students staying for the summer will not have access to the second and third floors of the library, and the first floor will be noisy due to construction. The Mac lab will be available for studying but cannot be guaranteed for the entirety of the summer. The library will post a list of alternative study places for summer students.

The Center for Student Learning, the College’s inner library tutoring services, will operate throughout the summer, and students will still have access to the first floor computers.

For more information and continual updates about the renovation, visit the Addlestone Library Improvement Blog.

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