3 Things NOT to do over Spring Break

Welp cougars, it’s officially that time. Midterms are completed, the weather is getting warmer and you’re one step closer to the supreme season of summer. Spring break can be a great time of memories, tragedy or a whole lot of nothing for some. However you choose to spend your spring break, here’s three things to avoid being:

1. A couch potato

You have the entire week to immerse yourself in activities and people you’ve been neglecting for the past two months. Don’t waste this precious time sitting on a couch with your fingers tangled in a bag of chips, browsing Netflix. Not to mention if you’re a junior or senior now would be the time to conduct job and internship searches.  Git up, git out and git somethin’!

2. A 24/7 drunk

We get it. You’re a college student excited about spring break, and spring break culture subtly advocates college aged drinking. But that doesn’t mean parade around town in a drunken stupor all day everyday.

3. Dead

Tons of events occur over spring break. It’s easy to get lost in the moment and do something that could cost you the greatest gift of them all – life. Know your limits as far as alcohol intake and always be aware of your surroundings. No one wants to return to class Monday with the death of a friend or sibling weighing on their conscious.

Spring break is all about fun. But even fun has a limit before it crosses over into a different territory. Now go enjoy your spring break. You were warned.

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