How to catch your dream girl

A girl who knows she’s got it going on isn’t going to be easily moved by just another set of eyes. Prince Charming imitators won’t fool her. She isn’t in search of Mr. Clean, sporting a tank top, because the T-shirt he tried on didn’t have room for his biceps, or the adrenaline junky popping wheelies on his crotch rocket at a 1000 miles an hour. Now don’t get me wrong; there are still some girls who have just not moved past the childlike personalities of all these ‘superheroes’, but their place in the deck is nowhere near that of the Queen of Hearts. This next part might seem cliché, but if you follow through, you will see the deep truth that lies within the 3 Simple Steps that are going to land you your Dream Girl.

Step 1: Preparation

No girl takes the time to look beneath the beard. (Photo by Dory Womack)

No girl takes the time to look beneath the beard. (Photo by Dory Womack)

No girl takes the time to look beneath your beard. This is more important than it might seem. I will elaborate. First impressions are crucial…Crucial!! Do not let this discourage you. If anxiety is starting to build, let it. When the big moment comes you will be ready. For some reason, men lately, or boys, I can’t tell, are growing outrageous amounts of hair on their face. Global warming hasn’t deterred this epidemic, and summer ironically was met with many enrollees into the Beard Growing Club. Maybe they are acting on their rights to privacy. Attempting to throw off the government’s facial recognition software. They could also just be tired of food falling out from their mouths onto their freshly pressed clothes. The reason for all of this uninterrupted growth remains a mystery, but the choice doesn’t. Don’t grow a beard. Stand out by being clean cut. Really? Yes, the first step is that simple. Not everyone has to be in on the secret, and in fact it would be beneficial if they weren’t. Encourage your friends to grow beards. That way, the next time you walk past the girl who makes your heart throb, you will be the only one she notices.

Step 2: Making the Move

Yes, it is a universal truth that most guys can get a girl’s number. If they are lucky, they will get a real one, but that doesn’t mean she is going to text back, or answer when he calls. If you take this second step right, she will be anticipating your call and fall head over heels every time she hears your personalized message tone. When you approach your Dream Girl for the first time remember that the impression you leave her with is the first thing she will think about when her phone rings and your face appears on her screen. So make her smile. What a girl wants in this first moment is a completely honest compliment about the way she moves; about the thing that’s got your heart racing. Ask yourself “what is it about this girl that’s pulling me in?”, and then tell her. Be sure to remember it’s all about her. Steer clear of future plans, and by all means don’t invite her to meet the family! Next, take a deep breath, give yourself an inward nod of approval, and then with confidence and a warm smile ask for her number. When she hands you her phone, give her a smile and take the picture. Whenever you call, and she sees your photo, she will remember the way she felt when you sent that smile her way.

Step 3: Pace yourself

Once you get the girl, pace yourself and take time to develop your friendship. (Photo by Dory Womack)

Once you get the girl, pace yourself and take time to develop your friendship. (Photo by Dory Womack)

I must emphasize the importance of pace setting. It is the bedrock of your friendship, the brick mason, and the lifeblood of your new relationship. Maintaining pace is caring, free from control. It sustains, and builds upon the beauty, power, and joy of the initial motive that moved you to pick up your razor, and shave your way out of hiding. It springs from the motive that dripped tenderly down into your heart, and up into the smile you copied and pasted in her memory. Pace is the patient listener, the friend that hugs. It is not boring, dull, or bland. Sometimes hand in hand, stand and spin, as if to waltz. Other times walk in the rain, and jump up together, splashing down into each puddle on your path. Drink the rain from each other’s hair. Become friends with everything, and through it, your friendship will grow. There is a world in each step. Listen to what these things have to say, and they will invite you into a new world, together.

Does that mean that all occasions call for strict adherence to these three steps? Of course not, these are just suggestions for getting your foot in the door to the world of your Dream Girl. Maybe you come to find out she prefers rough curls to the smooth jaw line. If so, put that razor behind you, and grow until she gets lost in your beard. Or, maybe your relationship is rushing up towards a climax, but demands an increase in pace in order to reach it. Then by all means let yourself be taken up by her sway, and moved along by the current of your bliss. Intimate pleasure is beautiful, but we must remember that the warm, soft, skin of the hand we hold, is a friendship bound together by trust.

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