College forced to triple bed resident halls

With rooming assignments being tripled, students this year are facing more than what they signed up for.

Due to a high surge of incoming freshmen, in accordance with returning students, and Rutledge Rivers being closed for renovations, the college was forced triple up in Berry Resident Hall, McCalister, and Buist. Although most resident halls are meant to house two students, these particular dorms have the necessary space to accommodate added bed spaces, explained Elliot Wright, assistant director for housing assignments.

Going about this ordeal, determining factors for exactly who was placed in tightly squeezed rooms was based on application dates and deposits. While all students who paid housing deposits prior to the May 1 deadline were guaranteed housing, those who made deposits during the second half of April were selected as third members.

New layouts and adjustments made by Residence Life and Housing included additional lofted beds, matching desks, wardrobes, and chest of drawers to accommodate extra occupants.

Contrary to doubts, the student reaction to these new housing alterations has been somewhat positive.

One resident admitted that news of a third roommate was disappointing but looked at the close quarters as an opportunity to meet even more new people and make friends. “At first I was anxious about space and crowding issues, but now that I’m here and settled in, it’s not so overwhelming”, said freshman Berry resident, Maggie Cardaropoli. In a similar situation, Grace Barry, a sophomore residing in McAlister shared that “there was a problem about storage and where everyone’s stuff will be placed, but everything was eventually figured out.”

There is also a financial perk to those living in triple-bedded rooms. According to Residence Life, students in triples will receive a one third discount on their fall semester housing charges. Most residents agreed that “getting a discount was a huge benefit” to the rooming dilemma and compensated for space issues.

Wright detailed that primarily there was concern regarding the available space in tripled dorms, but as students settle, there are hopes that residents are comfortable with their arrangements and will plan to stay. Wright also informed that if problems persist, there are alternative housing options, and that the college is willing to work with particular individuals wanting to move.

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