Mason jars, frames and canvas, oh my!

I have been told that glitter is the herpes of the craft world. They were not wrong.

At Craft Night in the Stern center last Thursday, college kids scrambled to find the perfect canvas, Mason jar and frame. Everyone was hunting for the mod podge. Whoever wasn’t looking for the mod podge was rushing to get the perfect paint color for their art. The crafts were super delightful, but really messy.

Most people would assume that there would be Lily Pulitzer galore, and they would be correct.  I’m sure everyone that attends The College has seen the rose Lily pattern a half a dozen times a day. There were at least a half a dozen girls who made Lily Pulitzer mason jars, and those were just the ones I saw with my own eyes.


Bryanna’s Henna – Inspired Design.

“Let’s quote Gossip Girl,” said every other girl at Craft Night. I’m not saying Gossip Girl doesn’t rock; I am only saying that a lot of girls are going to have it hanging on their walls at this school.

There was creativity in the air that night though. A freshman I met, Bryanna Wright, has a lot of artistic talent. Her intricate design on a smaller canvas was really impressive. She had recently bought a henna tattoo kit and her canvas was practice for her hennas. I also thought it was really cool that she made this design in such a short period of time. You rock, Bryanna.

I am not the creative genius that could come up with something like that, so I painted a Mickey head on a blue background. Crazy, I know. It is going to be something very personal to hang. I love Disney everything, so why not hang it in my room? I did find that drawing a Mickey was harder than I imagined. All it entails is three circles. That should not be difficult. I made the first circle for the head, and then the ears. Then, the ears didn’t match. After that, the ears were too big for the actual face so I had to make the face bigger. It took me much longer than it should have to make three circles to look like a Mickey face.


My own Mickey Mouse design.

How many times the popular website, Pinterest, was visited throughout the evening, the world will never really know. There are thousands of pins dedicated to craft nights such as these. With pins such as, “41 easy things to do with mason jars,” the website is the perfect place to research being creative.

In the middle of the madness of creativity, everyone there seemed to be having a grand time. Among the paint and brushes, people were letting off some steam. The first few weeks of a semester are always hectic, and it was just really nice to be able to sit down with friends and craft.








Lauren Findlay is a Marketing major with English and Theatre minors at the College of Charleston. She is a columnist at Cistern Yard Media and she enjoys long walks on the beach.


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