Photographer stuns audiences with creative photoshoot

Ever wondered what goes through the mind of someone being tased?

Well thanks to the creative genius of photographer Patrick Hall, anyone can take a look at just that.

Originally a Charleston native, Hall can be found producing photos from weddings to commercial advertisements. So what exactly sparked the inspiration for a photoshoot that goes to the extremes of involving a taser? According to Hall, every photographer wants his subjects to have a certain look within photos, that “usually you’re trying to get people to look cool or confident.” But the addition of a stun gun would provoke pure and genuine emotion. “What if I was able to make people feel so uncomfortable in front of the camera that I could guarantee an interesting portrait every time?”

The next question in mind is who exactly would agree to put themselves through pain for the sake of art?

With the help of flyers, Facebook, and by simple word of mouth, 100 volunteers agreed to participate in what they thought would be a standard photoshoot, but on arrival, models were in for a shocking surprise. In reality, every time models posed, they would be jolted with 300,000 volts of electricity and the entire invigorating experience would all be captured on camera.

To go about his project, Hall explains using three cameras, one to actually catch a still image the moment a model is stunned, and the others to film the experience in slow motion. Hall details that during the actual photoshoot, camera flashes had to be set at their fastest timing in order to catch the spontaneous reactions. Inexpensive cameras were used to film the slow motion reactions of the participants and specific lenses were chosen to correlate with the still photographs. Whether happy, pained, or even euphoric, at a high resolution of 1080, these lens caught every detail and emotion of those being inflicted.

Watch the stun gun photoshoot in slow motion.

Details noticed in Hall’s images are that models appear to be nude against a simplistic grey background. Hall clarifies that these eye catching strategies gave the finished products a clean look without the distraction of clothes or setting. And as seen in the behind the scenes footage, models were actually half dressed and softbox lights created the monochromatic backdrop. Adding to the dynamics of this social experiment, those doing the tasing just so happened to be friends or family members of participants, and their reactions were also taped in slow motion. “The emotions on both sides of the taser were extremely entertaining to watch,” Hall remarked.

See behind the scenes clips from the photoshoot.

With much notoriety and his video becoming a viral hit, there’s no doubt that Hall’s project was a huge success and the results very interesting. To see a full gallery of Hall’s work, visit

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