CAB open mic night: unveiled

I’m going to apologize in advance to anyone whose name I have spelled terribly wrong or forgotten. I know how frustrating that can be. If you see me around campus, feel free to correct me.

So CAB Open Mic Night was a big talented surprise. High school talent shows were a bunch of people trying to compete for a title that doesn’t mean anything after you leave high school. This mic night had an awesome, laid back atmosphere. People just came and went as much as they saw fit. The Stern Garden was a great venue for the event because there was ample seating with two mics and two amps set up. The space was simple, yet effective.

The audience consisted of a diverse group of 50 or so people. There were quite a few hipsters, but why wouldn’t there be at an art event? Most people just seemed like normal college students listening to their friends and strangers play music.

The performers interacted with the audience a lot creating a positive, accepting environment. One performer in particular had a lot of fun with the audience; Robbie, the freshman, was asking for any and all requests. When the audience couldn’t think of any more songs, he said, “I don’t have anything else to do for the night.” Then Robbie continued to tell everyone about how he did not get into any A cappella groups which the audience found hilarious. He actually had a great pop voice so I have no idea why he wouldn’t get in. Although he did sing, his set was more half singing, half stand-up comedy.

The first performer, Hunter Bailey, also interacted with the audience when he announced he was going to sing “Rivers and Roads” by The Head and the Heart. One audience member exclaimed, “YAAAAAS.” Hunter chuckled, “This one is for you.”

Overall, 13 people performed pretty damn well. There were 10 singers and three poets. Derek Berry, the slam master of poetry, really stood out with his Slam Poetry pieces. The performance fell on suicide awareness day and he performed a piece for his friend Adam. He had a lot of soul in his pieces, which was absolutely riveting. Another poet whom I really enjoyed was Jen H (Didn’t catch her whole name though. Sorry about that Jen). She had a lot of passion and enthusiasm surrounding her work. She read three short poems, and she really knew how to deliver them. Jen knew exactly when to pause and when to speed up.

Jack Woodward

Jack Woodward at CAB Open Mic Night. (Photo Courtesy of )

Jack Woodward, a singer/guitar player, performed three songs, two of which he wrote himself. His first song was Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’ “. Yes, everyone sings that song, but not everyone sings it as well as he did.  His original compositions were incredibly impressive. After his standout performance, I wanted to get to know the man behind the music. It turns out Jack Woodward is a sophomore transfer student from Winthrop. He is a communications major and a music minor (which is obvious after hearing him perform). He’s been singing and playing since he was 13 and he’s never had a lesson; kudos to Jack for being this naturally talented. His voice is a somewhat reminiscent of a pre-Taylor-Swift John Mayer, which makes sense because his favorite song to perform is “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room.”

Overall, I definitely recommend CAB Open Mic Night. It’s just a really cool, easy going event.

I had a great time and heard a lot of talented people perform.

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