Stick Figure – A Show Review

When I think of SoCal reggae bands that have captivated audiences around the country with their hypnotic offbeat piano stabs, claims of spreading good vibes, and so many songs about having a great time under the influence of ganja, I tend to put them in two categories: “Bands that are called Sublime,” and “Bands that want to be Sublime.” Pacific Dub, who opened the night, is definitely in the latter with the boys of the band reminding the crowd that their songs were about “the good life” and “hangin’ with your friends” over what seemed to be an endless half-hearted reggae tinge. Oh yeah, and with the needless white boy whine to imitate the “reggae voice”. You know the one I’m talkin’ about.

But hope seemed to come around when headliners, Stick Figure, came up after Pacific. Now for all those who believe that most reggae sounds the same, you’re pretty much right. However, Stick Figure seemed to have a certain swag about their stage presence and performance that made you wanna have a good time without having to be reminded (even with their dog serving as an on stage mascot which still places them in the “Bands that want to be Sublime” category). Throughout their performance, I felt that Stick Figure kept “Vibes Alive” and me entertained for the rest of the night among all the happy people and white boy dreads. It was a good time actually…enough to place them in the “Exceptional SoCal Reggae Band” category.

Donovan Taylor

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