Brave Baby – A Show Review

On October 3rd, I went down to the Music Farm to go see Brave Baby perform with guests Matrimony and Grace Joyner, and the show was pretty great. Grace Joyner was an unexpected first act since I haven’t even seen her merch placed out when I went up to see what was available, but I wasn’t by any means disappointed to see her on stage. She gave a good show – very chill and relaxing – for a singer-songwriter, but I was expecting to hear upbeat rock at a Brave Baby concert. I wasn’t sure at the time how new she was to the music industry, but I figured she had to be a newcomer because her sound and her stage presence had an element of being underdeveloped. She was an adorable girl to watch, and I would love to see her at a coffee shop in the future, and maybe by then she’ll have a more solid grounding in her performance. Even if her show wasn’t the best I’ve seen, I would go out and support her, because she does seem to have a great career ahead of her.

The second act that I was originally anticipating was Matrimony, and I was pleasantly surprised with how great of a show they put on. The four members were lined up across the stage Mumford & Sons-style, and they had a great homegrown-folk sound that went perfect for a late night at the bar. I think they felt at home with the venue and they took complete control of the stage because the band looked like they had fun with their songs and moved around as if they weren’t rehearsing their music. I liked how each of the band members, with the exception of the lead vocalist (Ashlee Hardee Brown), switched off their instruments throughout the show because to me it enhanced their talent at being multi-instrumental players. The three men of the group (Jimmy Brown, C.J. Hardee and Jordan Hardee) had amazing support in their voices and blended so well with Ashlee’s voice. Also, I personally love a band with a mandolin. They potentially stole the show that night and I’m perfectly okay with that.

The headliner, Brave Baby, was definitely the crowd favorite; for the first two acts the floor had ample space here and there, but just before Brave Baby entered the stage there was hardly a place to move about. As nice as it was that the crowd was packed, because I would love to see a full house as a performer, there were many moments when the crowd took away from Brave Baby’s show. I think they did a great show but I couldn’t concentrate half the time with people wasted from Pabst Blue Ribbon trying to dance their hearts off in a crowd that couldn’t fit fist-pumping to begin with. It also didn’t help that people kept bumping into me and not even realizing that they were invading my personal space. I know I should go into a concert without having an entitlement to privacy, but it would be nice to give the band my undivided attention without having to shove off drunken girls trying to take selfies with me. The moments that I did get to watch Brave Baby perform, I really loved it; they were like an underground love child of Arcade Fire and Kings of Leon. The front man (Keon Masters) had a presence similar to that of Lorde when she really gets down in her performance, but also looked as if he did have control to his quirky movements. As a whole, the band gave a great show, but I would love to have seen them at the front of the group as opposed to the middle where all the raging drunks were. It was a great night for a concert, and I would absolutely go see each band again whenever I could.

Porter Controy

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