Republican ‘say yes to the dress’ campaign ad has us saying ‘no’

What’s the way to win a woman over? If you’re the College Republican National Committee, the answer is to patronize her with beautiful wedding dresses.

This week, the College Republican National Committee released a commercial based off the highly successful reality TV show Say Yes to the Dress. The College Republican National Committee decided that it would be in their best interest to make an ad called ‘Say Yes to the Candidate’ aimed at women voters. They created the ad in bulk to support Republicans like Rick Scott, Rick Snyder and Tom Corbett.

Our heroine of the ad, a blonde college graduate, squeals in delight at the Republican candidate gown because it is more modern and costs less. But her mother likes the outdated Democrat candidate dress, which will end up costing her more. Eventually the young woman goes against her mothers’ wishes, and chooses the Republican gown.

But watching the actual ad proves once again that Republicans don’t have a women problem – they have a problem with women. Fluffing up the issues in a pretty gown doesn’t make women more likely to vote red in the upcoming election. If anything, it probably makes them think twice about it.

If Republicans want to fix their misogynistic reputation, then they need to stop having a problem with women. Stop voting against equal pay. Stop acting like birth control is controversial.

Please, even stop debating over abortion. I understand that abortion will always be controversial. But history has shown that women will get desperate if they don’t have access to safe abortion options. I’d prefer a woman to be safe instead of seeking help in a dark alley because she felt the need to get a coat hanger abortion from a street kid instead of a doctor. The bottom line is that legal abortion is not going away, and it’s time that debates over it cease in order to focus on other issues.

If Republicans want women to pay attention to deficit spending or other small government ideals then present an ad based on that. Don’t dress up the issues and keep the ad gender neutral. That’d get my attention more quickly than any parody of a TV show, a show that I’ve used as a joke for the basis for a drinking game. The only thing that seems like a joke to me right now are the Republicans buying into this ad.

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