Finding green space in Charleston

As college students, we often find ourselves holing up in the library with less-than-interesting textbooks, heading indoors to avoid the heat or spending our free time enjoying some of the shops and restaurants this wonderful city has to offer. Well sure, Charleston’s not a huge city, but it’s almost too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of King Street and forget about the many parks and outdoor spaces available to us.  We’re talking about green space, and some of these favorites may become your next inner city escape. Battery Park, Chapel Street Fountain Park and Washington Square are three must-sees on any beautiful day in Charleston.  Now what are you waiting for? Go enjoy the great outdoors!

Chapel Street Fountain Park


(Photo by Meg Montgomery)

This little hidden gem is located just north of Calhoun at the intersection of Chapel and Elizabeth Street. It’s the ideal place to escape from the everyday stress of college life.  The small triangular park boasts a large fountain at its center, surrounded by benches and lush flora.  The soothing sound of the water is enough to drown out all of the static city noise, making it the perfect place to dive into a new book or just get away for a little while.  It’s not typically crowded, save for the occasional dog-walker.  The one-of-a-kind green space that is Chapel Street Fountain Park may become your new favorite retreat.

Battery Park

Photo by Meg Montgomery.

(Photo by Meg Montgomery)

It’s true; located at the southernmost point of the peninsula, Battery Park is the ultimate Charleston outdoor space.  Where else can you enjoy breathtaking views over the water, feast your eyes on the city’s top real estate and relax under the live oaks? On any given day the park is alive with students, joggers and plenty of four-legged friends all enjoying the vast green space. Its many trees make it the perfect place to hang a hammock, have a quaint picnic or just lay back and let time pass by under the Spanish Moss.  The shade makes Battery Park accessible on even the hottest of days, but if you do happen to get caught in the rain, the gazebo in the center is the perfect spot to wait out the storm and keep dry. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Washington Square

Washington Square

(Photo by Meg Montgomery)

Washington Square is located just off of Broad Street at four corners, tucked away behind wrought iron gates.  This is the ideal spot for any history buff, as the park dates back to the early 1800s.  It was renamed to honor George Washington in 1881, and the park features various statues including a small scale Washington Monument in the center. Why is it the perfect green space? You can live in Charleston for years and not even know it’s there.  Washington Square is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet moment under the shady oaks, take a break from work or enjoy a takeaway lunch from any of the nearby favorites. Its floral displays change throughout the year, so there’s never a dull moment

This article first appeared in the October 2014 issue of The Yard.

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