The Devil Makes Three – A Show Review

Do you enjoy banjo picking, guitar strumming, kicking and stomping, and the Music Farm? Well this was the show for you. Hopefully you went because it was one hell of a show. First let’s start with the Cave Singers. Imagine a chiller and more relaxed Lord Huron. Less audio aesthetics if you will. The three members together had a great, unique, very earthy yet universal sound. The lead singer compared his band, along with everyone in the audience, to children of the universe. He was also very outgoing and he moved with every note that was sounded. I highly recommend seeing them if they ever come back around again. Now on to the real good stuff. The Devil Makes Three was an incredibly folk roots that was heavily influenced by grassroots Americana with a heavy portion of blues and jazz, and the occasional dabbling of gypsy folk and jazz. It was incredible mesh of many genres, instrumentation, and vocals. This band was a trio including banjo, guitar, upright bass, resonator guitar, even a banjo ukulele. And the crowd was incredible; a bunch of plaid wearing, knee slappin’ people having a good time. It was a great atmosphere and I really hope you can see them next go-around. It was a folking good time!

Carson Keeter

The music farm was ready for a great show even with a light crowd at first there was still a sense of buzz and electricity within the audience.  Not knowing what to expect from the band I was generally excited for what was in store, as more people made their way into the music farm, the anticipation to a great show kept on building. At around 9:40 the show went on the crowd stared to show their excitement and the Devil Makes Three made their way onto the stage.  What came next was a guitar riff so spine-tingling it glued my ears to the stage, Devil Makes three consists of three band members who all play guitar and sing vocals.  The Devil Makes Three provides a blend of different music styles for example country, alternative and rock and roll that all flow together perfectly, thus allowing for a interactive and entertaining performance to take place.  A Devil Makes Three is a band that strives on its originality and vibe from the crowd and with a packed house cheering them on; it made it easier for the band to perform.  The Devil Makes Three is a music group capable of blending various styles and instruments together to create great music.  All in all I would recommend seeing The Devil Makes Three if you have the chance they are a great music group that can bring the house down.

Brian Aronoff

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