Trevor Hall and the Small is Beautiful Tour – A Show Review

I had heard nothing but good things about Trevor Hall prior to his show, but since I had never actually listened to his music, I didn’t know what to expect. On October 7th, I went to The Music Farm to see what all the hype was about. I entered to see a pretty big crowd that consisted of dreadheads, dudes wearing frat t-shirts, and everybody in between. The venue was pretty small, which gave the show an intimate feel, but was still nice and had great acoustics.

The first opening act was an acoustic guitar playing, beat boxing, dread sporting guy from Savannah, GA named Andrew Terrett, who went by the stage name of Tubby Love. I got to meet him later on, and he was such a genuine and humble guy, thanking me for watching him. His set was entertaining and the mix of reggae elements and beatboxing contributed to his unique vibe. Notable quote from Tubby: “One love, y’all.” Love it.

Cas Halley opening for Trevor Hall at the Music Farm.

Cas Halley opening for Trevor Hall at the Music Farm.

The next act was Cas Haley. He too played an acoustic guitar but had a sound was more soulful than the first act. Later in his set, he announced his upcoming album (that he is recording with Tubby!) and brought Tubby out on stage to perform some songs from it with him. The highlight of Haley’s performance was his cover of Bob Marley’s “Get Up, Stand Up,” but overall, his original material was good as well.

After a long intermission, Trevor finally came on stage with his acoustic guitar, and what everybody had truly came to the show for began. Accompanied only by a bassist (playing an actual stand-up bass) and a percussionist, he started his long set. Despite the lack of a huge band, the sound was complex and intricate. As a member of the audience, you could tell that he was very connected to his music. He mentioned that the tour was almost canceled because the trailer had been stolen, but that because of donations from fans, was able to keep going. After this, he introduced his dad, who taught him how to play harmonica and sparked his love of music, and played a song with him. This segment of the show really solidified my impression of Trevor as a grateful and endearing guy, and at this point, I was really glad the tour hadn’t been ended because of the trailer mishap. A memorable quote from his set: “All we have is this moment right here.” Sometimes we all need a reminder to live in the now, and it was a nice change of pace to just let the “good vibes” of Trevor Hall’s beautiful music take over.

Trevor Hall performing at the Music Hall

Trevor Hall on the Small is Beautiful tour at the Music Farm

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