A conversation with the Comic Book Club president, Caroline Goodin

You’re not into Quiddtich even though you’re an avid Harry Potter Fan. You love the idea of the Cheese Club but you’re very apologetically lactose intolerant. But you love comics, and so does Caroline Goodin, the president of the CofC Comic Book Club. The Comic Book Club has recently joined the club scene and has generated quite a stir of attention from avid comic fans on campus. I¬†recently had the opportunity to chat with Goodin¬†to gain more insight about the club and its presence on campus.

Ebony Bryant: Can you introduce yourself by giving readers a little information about yourself?
Caroline Goodwin: My name is Caroline Goodin and I am originally from Austin, TX but I live in Greenville, SC. I am also a senior English major with a minor in Communication.

EB: What inspired you to start the Comic Book Club?
CG: I got into comics in high school. When I came to college, they didn’t have a club for comic readers and I was looking for one. There are a few bumps in the road but I feel really good about it.

EB: So as president, what are some of your responsibilities?
CG: I oversee things, make sure everything is organized. We love trying new and different activities and like to switch it up. We want to appeal to everybody.

EB: Since we are talking about the basis for your club, what are some of your favorite comics?
CG: My favorites are anything in the Batman Family, Thor (Marvel) and everything in between.

EB: What do you think makes comics so appealing to people of all ages and backgrounds?
CG: People like the whole hero coming in to save the day and we can always expect a good ending. Comics are something that parents and kids can talk about together. They may see them in different ways but they can still watch and talk about them. They bring people together.

EB: How do you feel about movies based on comics?
CG: I am a movie snob. If it’s a character I like, I appreciate [the] effort to take a fictional character and put him on the big screen.

EB: So going back to the club itself, what are some activities that you and your staff have planned this year?
CG: We are ordering and reading a graphic novel “Rat Queens,” it’s not mainstream like DC and Marvel Comics and we want to broaden people’s tastes. Also we want to do movie nights or games nights, an event for Halloween, and attend Comic Con in Raleigh, NC. We also want to do some fundraisers that may include midnight bake sales and selling t-shirts.

EB: For those that may not know, can you explain a “Comic Con?”
CG: Yes, they are conventions that you can wander around, look at costumes, attend panels, participate in cosmoplay contests and buy or browse art from artist’s alleys.

EB: Let’s wrap this up a bit. Do you need to have a background understanding of comics to join and what is your vision for your club?
CG: No background in comics is needed to join, we just want to get people started. We want you to learn more about everything and broaden people’s perspectives. My vision for the club is to have a close knit group where everybody gets along and share their interests.

If you are a fan of any comics or graphic novels, the Comic Book Club may be the community that you are looking for. Meetings are usually held in Stern on Thursdays at 7 p.m. and may last from two-three hours (depending on whether or not a movie is included that night). For more information, you can like them on Facebook or contact Caroline Goodin.

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