Lauren Findlay tells us how to procrastinate effectively

Midterms are like kidney stones in that they can make you cry, drink and/or sleep away the pain.

How do you escape the pain of midterms you may ask? Well this is a handy dandy “how to” guide to hopefully answer that question.

Please hang this in your apartments/dorms/houses to remind yourself that you are not alone in the struggle to find anything and everything to do in order to avoid studying.


1) Cleaning

Now, I understand cleaning isn’t fun for lots of people but at least it is productive. You won’t have to memorize the date Robespierre died, or which country industrialized first. You can start by putting away clothes so your floor can actually be seen. Next, take out the trash (especially if it has been more than a week and a half). Next, organize your desk and go through your papers. If you still want to procrastinate, I recommend cleaning your bathroom. Let’s be honest, how often does that actually happen?

2) Social media

There are at least 5 yaks a day on Yik Yak that talk about how they are on the app to avoid doing homework or other unpleasant activities. The anonymous app is a fantastic way to just screw around and waste as much time as possible. Let’s not forget the wonders of Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. It starts as checking your newsfeed, then checking a certain person, then checking someone they are tagged with, and then you’re about 12 people in. You have no idea how you got to this mysterious person, you just know that you are going to stalk their social media because you don’t want to study. Also, Pinterest is a thing and it is glorious. Over the course of my high school and college career thus far, I have pinned an impressive 13,918 pins. I have 45 different boards with a total of 717 followers. I love Pinterest because it’s a great way to pretend you are going to do something in the future.

 3) Netflix and/or the lesser Amazon Prime Video

For only $7.99 per month plus tax, you can truly be a college student. Netflix is pretty much the perfect way to avoid everything from homework to a social life. Binge watching is a great way to decrease productivity during mid terms. Why watch a TV series on an actual television when you can watch all 8 seasons in a few short days, without commercials? I am currently avoiding homework by binge watching The Tudors. I started two days ago and am halfway through season two. I understand that isn’t as impressive as some, but consider that each episode is an hour long. There are also shows that are for Netflix only, such as House of Cards. It is a fantastic show that is easily binge-watched.

4) Eat and/or drink

Food is good. Pizza is also good. Pizza rolls are even better. I will gladly admit that I have made pizza rolls to avoid finishing Spanish homework. If you want to kill more time than one minute in the microwave, then consider cooking a wonderful meal. If you don’t have all the ingredients you need for the recipe, you just wasted an hour searching and now can go shopping at the store. You will be gone for maybe two hours; make sure to browse the aisles, compare all brands and do not make a list. After, you still need to cook your meal and eat. After you’re done, you’ve just spent around three to four hours not doing your work!

So, how do you procrastinate?

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