Domestic violence is a problem for men too

This week, I hung out with friends to watch the latest season of American Horror Story. The television series is one of those that I watch with other people to socialize, but don’t particularly enjoy myself. It’s just far too disturbing. Not to mention, the psychotic clown now haunts my nightmares. But another thing that I found disturbing had to do with how my friends and I viewed actress Emma Roberts.

Roberts plays a clairvoyant fortune teller named Maggie this season right alongside her boyfriend Evan Peters. My friends and I talked about her role in “We’re The Millers”; how attractive and talented of an actress she is. But none of us mentioned how she assaulted Peters last year.


Emma Roberts is an actress in American Horror Story (Photo Courtesy of Greg Mazzi via Flickr).

Now, I’m not claiming to know what happened the night of the assault. According to a report from TMZ, both Peters and Roberts were hitting each other. Only Roberts was arrested because Peters had visual injuries – like a bloody nose. I’m willing to bet if roles were reversed in that Peters gave Roberts a bloody nose that the public wouldn’t be quite as forgiving.

When Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna, I remember friends changing the radio station immediately anytime his song came on. They were absolutely disgusted with him. But here I am on a wednesday night, watching American Horror Story appreciating Roberts’ acting without any quarrels.

Men aren’t being abused as often as women are, but eight out of a 100 men in the United States (WebMD) will be a victim of domestic violence. Letting women get away with that offense demonstrates how patriarchal systems work against men just as they do women. There’s a belief that women aren’t as strong as men, so therefore they can’t overpower a man. And any man who has a woman overpower him is considered weak and emasculated.

The bottom line is that domestic violence disputes are not ok – regardless of the perpetrator’s gender.

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