Haunted CofC: ghosts, goblins and cougars galore


Students dressed in costumes (photo by Jessica Wilkinson)

Last Friday night, Oct. 24, the Cistern was crawling with haunted halloween creatures and features. Hosted by the Cougar Activities Board, the Haunted CofC event brought the spirit of halloween to life right here on campus. Among the activities of the night were a haunted house, a pumpkin patch and decorating station, a costume contest and more. Spooky orange lights lined the walkway of the cistern and spiderwebs hung from the trees. Along the ground there were skeletons and gravestones and even a few jack-o-lanterns.

The main event of the night was the haunted house, which was a terrifying maze consisting of creatures and monstrosities that crept behind and jumped out at people as they walked by. Throughout the maze, the sounds of screaming, yelling and even chain saws could be heard. On exiting the haunted house, one student said “I got lost in there! I thought I was going to have a heart attack!” Haunting the halls of the maze were  guys dressed in a horse mask, a room with fake dead bodies, a fake bloody surgery table and a few horrifying clowns.

CAB also brought a pumpkin patch to the Cistern, where students could pick a pumpkin and decorate it with paint, glitter, markers and carving tools — it was a little spark of creativity in the midst of a spooky evening. The halloween crafts continued at the chocolate lollipop printer, where students could have their pictures printed on an edible lollipop. Though the line was long, it was worth the wait — the chocolate pops were both cute and delicious!

Students decorating pumpkins (Photo by Jessica Wilkinson)

Students decorating pumpkins (Photo by Jessica Wilkinson)

Students who attended the event were welcome to wear costumes, and some of them were impressively inventive. One duo went as “the French and Indian War” where one of the girls dressed as a Native American and the other as a French girl complete with a beret and striped shirt. Among the other costumes were an angel, Harry Potter characters, a minion and even Regina George from the movie “Mean Girls.” The costumes were just another part of the night that successfully kindled that ever-eerie Halloween mood.

Students dressed as "the French and Indian War" (Photo by Jessica Wilkinson)

Students dressed as “the French and Indian War” (Photo by Jessica Wilkinson)

As any college student would be privy to tell you, the best part of the night was the free food! There was a candy station where guests could fill up a bag with all the candy they desired from Hershey’s bars to candy corn. It was the perfect excuse for college students to go “treak-or-treating.” There were also typical fall foods such as pumpkin bread, mini pumpkin pies and apple cider. The free goodies continued at the pumpkin corn-hole game, in which students could win a free CofC themed prize.

All-in-all, the night was a complete success and was both entertaining and haunting, as any Halloween event should be! The next CAB event will be hosted on Oct. 29, and will be a comedy show featuring the duo Preferred Parking, in the Stern Center Gardens at 7 p.m. Hopefully their next event will be a little more cheerful and a little less haunting.


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Jessica Wilkinson is a feature writer at CisternYard News. She is a sophomore majoring in Secondary Education and History with a minor in Political Science. In her free time, she can be found binge-watching Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, doing Muay Thai Kickboxing and spending as much time as possible on Pinterest. She aspires to be the best history teacher your kids will ever have while spending her summers writing and traveling the world.

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