Six reasons a hedgehog makes the perfect college pet

By now, most of you have heard of Poppy the hedgehog, CofC sophomore Emily Cohan’s not so ordinary college companion. Heck, you’re probably following her on Instagram. Here are a few reasons you should take your Poppy obsession to the next level and get one of these roly poly cuties for your own historic house.

Fresh and clean. (photo courtesy @lilpoppybigworld)

Fresh and clean (Photo courtesy @lilpoppybigworld).

  1. Easily entertained: Even though dogs are man’s best friend, it is no argument that they require a lot of attention. However, no need to worry about taking a hedgehog out on daily walks– a simple spinning wheel will suffice for plentiful self-entertainment.
    Riding shotgun with the top down! (photo courtesy @lilpoppybigworld)

    Riding shotgun with the top down! (Photo courtesy @lilpoppybigworld).

  2. Nocturnal: As a college student, day time agendas are packed full with little down time. From class to class, to long periods in the library, any other pet would be a huge responsibility and almost cruel to leave home alone for long amounts of time. Luckily, a hedgehog is nocturnal, so no need to worry about leaving it lonely while out and about during the day.
  3. Eco-friendly: Is water conservation a concern for you? No worries, save water by taking bubble baths with your hedgehog! And afterward, you can both cuddle in fluffy towels. We’re not entirely joking.
  4. Low-maintenance: Another notorious aspect of college life is the fact that money, nor time, is not really flourishing. Other pets require heaping amounts of foods, shots and veterinary treatment, and can be a big hassle (although they are worth it!), but ‘aint no body got time for that. The good news is that hedgehogs don’t require much except the obvious: some food, water, and a clean cage and your hedgehog should be good to go!
  5. They’ll be your partner in crime: In need of a sidekick for the day? Take your hedgehog on your daily adventures around Charleston… a trip to the park, a walk on King Street or a car ride buddy? Your hedgehog has got your back! Not only will it provide you company, but it will be a big hit around town too. If you think a puppy attracts attention, prepare to be famous,
  6. Social: Not only are they social with people around Charleston, but are on social media as well: @lilpoppybigworld

Would you get a hedgehog as a pet? If you could have any pet you wanted in your dorm, what would it be? Tell us in the comments section!



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