What’s in the Box event introduces ‘Boundless’ to CofC students

Students gather to see "What's in the Box?" at Addlestone Library this past Thursday. The event launched the Boundless Campaign to students. (Photo by Olivia Cohen)

Students gather to see “What’s in the Box?” at Addlestone Library this past Thursday. The event launched the Boundless Campaign to students. (Photo by Olivia Cohen)

For days, students and faculty at CofC were suspended in a state of confusion and curiosity due to a very large, very ambiguous box in the Addlestone Library Rotunda. On January 22 at 6 p.m. the mystery of the box was solved when the wrapping came undone to reveal a DJ. A library rave ensued – the rest is history.

The rest really is history as the What’s in the Box event served to launch one of CofC’s newest and most prolific campaigns, Boundless, to the student body. Planning for the event began as early as September 2014 and thanks to the student organization Committed to Charleston (C2C), it was a huge success.

“The event was a success because of the students,” said Olivia Coco, President of C2C. “We couldn’t have had a successful night without the incredible student support we received.”

Representatives from many clubs and organizations on campus went to the event to table in Rivers Green before and following the unveiling. It was an opportunity for the students to come together and showcase their diversity and dedication to CofC. Chicken and waffles, s’mores, barbeque and good music led to positive energy and overall excitement throughout.

When asked beforehand what she believed the mysterious box held, senior Mackenzie Kohler said hopefully everyone’s tuition.

“That’s the dream,” Kohler said.

The library rave and abundance of delicious food, however, did not disappoint anyone, with the exception of junior Alex Couch.

“I would have preferred to see a live cougar, but I guess they can’t dance. A dancing cougar would be pretty hard to beat,” Couch said.

The Boundless campaign centers around giving back to the College. Olivia Coco hoped, with this event, to emphasize that giving back does not have to mean monetarily and that it does not have to start after graduation. Giving back starts now, and all students have the power to participate.

“You can give back at every stage,” Coco said. “It can be going to an athletic event, joining a club or organization, or helping to maintain the enduring historical traditions that we have at the College. C2C helped to conceptualize the event tonight. We wanted to host an event that brought students together and showcased our work as a student body.”

And it did just that. The positivity was tangible as students were welcomed firsthand into the Boundless campaign, connecting them forever to CofC.


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