The Gaslight Anthem – A Show Review

Sometimes, I wonder what happened to rock music in the mainstream music scene. If you turn on the radio, you hardly hear any music that sounds like a straight up band. Y’know with the guitars and bass and drum and the don’t-give-a-damn-imma-scream-til-my-throat-bleeds attitude of the lead singer. I’ve always had my guesses as to why rock wasn’t as popular as it used to be.

Well, I’m here to tell you its probably because most bands now sound the same. Don’t get me twisted. The energy is definitely still there. However, between the opening acts of Northcote and The Scandals, I wouldn’t be able to differentiate their music from any other average alternative or (pseudo-)punk band that would be played on a Modern Rock station nowadays. The Scandals seemed to be stuck at the same tempo and drum pattern and just sounded like a more clean cut and unoriginal band while Northcote actually changed it up between full band and the lead singer showing off his musicianship on the harmonica and guitar. ¬†Northcote showed more range and versatility and the Canadian band is probably one to look out for soon.

Unfortunately, The Gaslight Anthem wasn’t offering me much hope for the future of rock. But what I did get was the we’re-gonna-shout-for-rock-and-roll which I did appreciate. And I mean, I can’t be too critical. Its not necessarily anyone’s fault that rock hasn’t had its great rejuvenation and it is somewhat unfair. Rock is fun. Rock is attitude. Rock is supposed to resonate. What did happen with the crowd? The music resonated. The Gaslight Anthem definitely has their loyal fans that sang the words with the band and other members of the crowd that got to movin’. And lets be honest, sometimes that’s what matters.

Donovan “Crescendo” Taylor

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