Andy Grammer/Alex & Sierra “The Good Guys & A Girl Tour”- A Show Review

Rachel Platten opened the show, she had a similar musical style to Alex and Sierra in that she was a light/airy pop singer-songwriter with folky tones. She seemed very happy to be on stage and that made the audience happy. She was followed by Paradise Fears, an indie rock band. They engaged the audience in their songs, getting everyone to clap along and taking singing from audience members and incorporating it into their songs. In some of their songs, there were moments of rapping that came across as random and unnecessary, and the lead singer was pitchy in a couple of their songs. However, they did a great job of setting the high energy mood of the show, and looked like they had a great time performing.

Andy Grammer/Alex & Sierra

Alex and Sierra are a group that found their way to the stage through the show X Factor. With their somewhat country folk tone, they transcend their genre’s theme by doing covers such as Destiny’s Child “Say My Name” and Britney Spears “Toxic.” Key to where they would fit as genre, is the use of belting slow melodies with their pop beats, and using a loopstation to create layered beats and harmonies. I (Taylor) voted for them while they were on the show, so I feel like I helped contribute to them being on tour. One of the most surprising features of the group is the deceptive nature of Sierra voice; the fact that she allures the crowd with this airy quality of her voice, then posts crazy strong belting notes that accompanied by Alex’s and the pianist voice on a lower octave. One of the best parts of their performances (Nic) was a pseudo latin-caribbean beat under i will survive. It turned an already strong disco song to a song where you move your hips in every direction without lying.

Andy Grammer/Alex & Sierra

Andy Grammer put on an amazing show. He opened with a “Kiss You Slow” from his new album and jumped right into four fan-favorites to get everyone in the dancing mood. Andy has a lot of experiencing performing in front of crowds as he began his music career performing on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, so he knows how to work a crowd. His band was incredible; they were constantly interacting with each other, goofing off and having a blast while playing. Andy played multiple instruments throughout the show, including electric and acoustic guitar, piano, and trumpet, when he did an instrumental cover of “Trumpets” by Jason Derulo. He had everyone doing synchronized dances and everyone left drenched in sweat, which could be due to the fact there was no air conditioning in the Music Farm that day.

He finished his set with his single off his newest album, “Honey I’m Good.” He came off the stage and went up the stairs to the side balcony and sang surrounded by the crowd. Following the finale, the encore, “Side Pilot” ended the show perfectly, mellowing out the audience after the finale while still playing one more song for the enthusiastic audience.

Andy Grammer Backstage

Andy Grammer as a person is someone who not only appreciates the opportunities that come from his fans, but is also grateful to his band members and makes sure they are well appreciated. So much so that they he gave up the spotlight to each of them. I got to hang out with him after the show, and he was so genuine and appreciative of his fans. He is so nice!

Isabel Sandoval, Taylor Yale, Nic Shealy

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