5-year-old Seth Lane wants you to wear yellow for support

On Friday, March 27, a 5-year-old British boy is asking the world to wear yellow.  Seth Lane of Northamptonshire, England, will be undergoing his second bone marrow transplant after his first failed. He has been battling Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID), a rare disease that occurs in only one in 50,000 births. There are several different forms of the disease, each affecting various areas of the immune system.

According to Lane’s mother’s blog, ourlittlehero, his condition causes him to not have any T cells or white blood cells.  Therefore, he has no working immune system. Since the ’70s, SCID has been referred to as “bubble boy disease” when David Vetter, also suffering from x linked SCID, spent 12 years living in a plastic, germ-free bubble.

SCID causes Lane to be increasingly prone to infection and is confined to a hospital room that is frequently sanitized so that it remains germ-free.  His mother must wash her hands and put on a mask and gown each time she enters his room.  Even if she has a cold sore, she will be prohibited from seeing her son. “He had no contact with other children until he was 2-and-a-half,” his father told  the Daily Mail.

Lane is living in the Robin ward at the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, which he shares with other children who are also suffering from SCID.  The ward has vents that filter out bacteria and nurses are instructed to follow strict procedures to ensure that the children are safe from infection.

“Although Seth’s health has never been perfect, we have managed it along with getting him to experience things. He had missed out on so much we want him to experience what he can,” his mother states on her blog.

Even though he is confined in sterile living quarters and is unable to attend school like other boys his age, Lane makes the most of his bubble.  If there is one thing he is absolutely sure of, it’s  his love for the color yellow.  To show Lane that he is not alone, his family is encouraging everyone to take pictures of themselves wearing yellow and post them on social media using the hashtag #WearYellowForSeth. His family plans to hang the photos in his hospital room.

Lane’s mother created a youtube video, where he holds up yellow cards explaining his situation and asks for everyone to wear yellow on March 27.   After a week and a half, the video has 313,046 views.

Lane’s mother posted on her blog, “Seth doesn’t really grasp the enormity of what’s happening (I don’t either!), but the pictures he’s seen of people wearing yellow has already started to make him smile. So it’s worked already!! Thank you and we are looking forward to next Friday to see how amazing people really are!!!”

You can follow Seth’s story on his mother’s blog, ourlittlehero, as well as on:

Facebook – wearyellowforseth

Instagram – ourheroseth

Twitter – ourheroseth.

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