The Go! Team “The Scene Between” – An Album Review

From the opening track of their new album, it’s very apparent that The Go! Team has definitely changed their signature sound. If you told me that the band would trade their loud, plunderphonic, 60s pop, hip hop, and indie crashing songs for more jubilant noise-pop, I probably would have lost interest sooner. It seems typical for quirky indie bands to begin to homogenize their music and lose their identity. However, The Go! Team seem to pull off the transition from sample based group to rock band quite well on their latest album, The Scene Between.

The accessibility of this album to older fans is mainly attributed to the catchy hooks, loud guitars and the team not eliminating samples completely from their equation. But it still has to be said that theres more to be desired from a band that made catchy dance tracks using cheerleading and double dutch chants, electro rhythms and blaxploitation film samples. (The band even had two drummers and a female hype man/rapper in their lineup) In fact, all of the songs on Scene revolve more around the live band itself instead of building upon different sounds.

While The Team’s departure from their original formula proves to be a challenge, Scene proves to not only be a great indie album. It is also a very cohesive pop album. The songs blend into one another very well and there is no shortness of attitude. With every track, the album can be taken in one listen to create an experience ranging from youthfulness to lovesick. Although the retro playground vibe of the band has been traded in, The Go! Team seem to still be heading in a great direction with their new summer-like sound.

Rating: (3/5)

Donovan “Crescendo” Taylor

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