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But the celebrity said so

One of the most recognizable views on campus is not a crusty Colonial edifice or even a swathe of moss-cloaked oaks; it is the stark, red and black graphics of a lotus on the face of College Lodge. Charleston native Shepard Fairey installed the Green Power mural on the side of the Calhoun Street residence…

Letter to the Editor: Where’s the Real Reform? Why both the liberal and conservative narrative of Ferguson is wrong

Cover note: While a single article cannot begin to address every contextual factor associated with the shooting of Michael Brown, this article examines why society continues to have difficulty reconciling the underlying issues that led us to the event. Not only is it immensely difficult to perform a comprehensive analysis of all that has surfaced following the…


Pop Culture or Nope Culture?

As I walk the streets of Charleston, I overhear snippets of conversation. “Girl, your eyebrows are on fleek,” exclaims one passerby. “Thanks! I just got them threaded.” To most students, that conversation makes sense. To me, a pop culture newbie, I had no idea what just happened. After finding out that “fleek” simply means “on…

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