Butt Bias

We can all agree that Hollywood sucks. Some may love the glamour and fame, but everyone is on the same page about Hollywood’s lack of reality. The women on the red carpet are obviously not the same women that go get a coffee in the morning before the crack of dawn. The red carpet paints women to look like the dolls we either had or we wanted during our childhood.

Entering the fame of Hollywood, a star signs a nonexistent contract that offers up their lives to the media; with this in mind, the famous person can either continue their fame, or they can slowly fade into history as that girl who did that thing that one time. Being famous is basically like the little mermaid without the happy ending: you sign your life and voice away for the hope of adoration and success.  These women’s decisions are in the spotlight so either they are admonished or adored by society. The problem with this occurs when society treats everyone differently for the same “mistake” i.e. sexual photos or videos.

Jennifer Lawrence v Kim Kardashian


Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.


Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative commons.


Kim Kardashian released her infamous sex tape with rapper ex boyfriend, Ray J.

Jennifer Lawrence took nude photos for her now ex boyfriend. Her photos were stolen and published by hackers.

The photos of Jennifer Lawrence are graphic, but nothing compared to Kim’s sex tape. You would imagine that because of society’s consensus that anything sexual isn’t okay (kids can watch murders on TV but they can’t show a penis), Kim Kardashian’s video would ruffle more feathers than a simple photo. You would be wrong. After the now infamous tape “leaked,” Kardashian sky rocketed to fame with a TV show, spinoffs and clothing lines. She now has the most followers on instagram, topping talented women like Mindy Kaling or Emma Watson. We, as a society, have celebrated someone whose only claim to fame is a sex tape and a reality show that could only be described as bad television. Five years after Kardashian’s sex tape came to light, there were rumors Kris Jenner, Kim’s mother, leaked the tape in order to boost Kim’s celebrity. Regardless of the initial reactions of the media, Kim has gone on record to say her sex tape was, “how [she] was definitely introduced to the world.”

Jennifer Lawrence, a woman whose success predominantly stems from her film accomplishments, has gone under fire for her stolen photos. She was the most high profile celebrity to be affected by the nude photo scandal in late 2014; Lawrence was among 100 more female celebrities that had their photos or videos illegally seized by hackers. The media and society attacked and chastised her for having taken scandalous photos for her then boyfriend. Other celebrities said they didn’t feel bad for her because she shouldn’t have taken them anyway, while others were sympathetic. Ricky Gervais tweeted, “Celebrities, make it harder for hackers to get nude pics of you from your computer by not putting nude pics of yourself on your computer.”

But should Lawrence have made it harder to obtain the photos? No. She shouldn’t have to worry about people going through her private devices searching for even more private photos. It is sad that any woman has to worry about her private moments becoming public showcases, but should society reprimand women for something society was never meant to see? More importantly, why should society only reprimand the few? The public embraced Kim Kardashian with open arms, giving her an asinine amount of fame. Hollywood and the public said that Lawrence’s stolen photos were wrong and she should have never taken them. If sexual photos or videos are bad, then make them bad. If the photos or videos are to be celebrated, then go ahead and celebrate them. It just isn’t fair that Lawrence was ostracized and Kardashian was applauded. Equality for all, not just the ones with big butts.

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