BOUNDLESS: A multifaceted fundraising organization

BOUNDLESS is a comprehensive fundraising campaign at the College of Charleston. (Photo via Christopher Jackson)

BOUNDLESS is a comprehensive fundraising campaign at the College of Charleston. (Photo via Christopher Jackson)

As you drive into Charleston from I-26, billboards lining the road advertise the College of Charleston’s BOUNDLESS campaign, often displaying the most beautiful architectural features of the College. However, many College of Charleston students,  faculty and staff have expressed confusion about what this program actually is. CYN spoke with the Director of Advancement Communications at the College’s Marketing department, Jennifer Lorenz, in order to gain clarification as to what is going on within this up and coming initiative.

BOUNDLESS, when boiled down, is essentially a new fundraising initiative at the College. The program aspires to create more opportunities for both students and staff as the College of Charleston grows and improves upon its national reputation. Lorenz explained, “the College will achieve this through philanthropic investment in five strategic priorities: competitive scholarships, world-class faculty, distinctive academic and campus-life priorities, state-of-the-art facilities and annual giving. The Boundless campaign will lessen our dependence on tuition revenue and create greater financial aid resources.” Among a list of generalized goals that aim to improve the College on all levels, the loftiest and perhaps most challenging goal is to raise over $125 million to support these five priority sectors.

BOUNDLESS is just one of several fundraising bodies at the College of Charleston. The Cougar Calling center is most notable for raising money for the College of Charleston Fund, which allocates scholarship money for students. BOUNDLESS has similar goals: “Scholarships are our foremost priority of the BOUNDLESS campaign to ensure affordability, accessibility and inclusivity at the College. Scholarships also strengthen the College through the quality, diversity and accomplishments of our student body.  To date, the campaign has increased the number of merit-based, need-based and experiential scholarships,” explained Lorenz.

The program also supports specialty groups, such as the International Scholars Program in the Honors College and the Pearlstine/Lipov Center for Southern Jewish Culture, part of the College’s Jewish Studies Program. To date, a number of scholarships have been awarded, such as the West Memorial Scholarship and the Boeing Scholarship.

The program works alongside local and national companies as well, similar to the Supply Chain center described here. “Boundless is inspiring collaborative intersections with local and national companies here in S.C including Boeing with public health, Daimler Vans with supply chain management, and Silicon Harbor and the Digital Corridor with computer science.  These public-private partnerships provide fuel for the state’s economic engine but also provide ready-to-work opportunities for students while they are still in school and after they graduate,” Lorenz said.

Lorenz also outlined that BOUNDLESS avidly works with other fundraising bodies on campus: “One of the major purposes of the Boundless campaign was to bring together and unify all the fundraising activities and entities on campus. It has done that. The development of the campus-wide priorities – scholarships, faculty, academic programs, facilities and annual giving – united the campus in our fundraising efforts.”

When asked how interested students could get more involved with BOUNDLESS, Lorenz simply stated that becoming an active member on campus inherently involves you in BOUNDLESS’ initiatives. She also encouraged students to join the College’s philanthropy group, Committed to Charleston (C2C).

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