DJ Spotlight: Carson Keeter “10/10 Would Play”

We like to consider ourselves all about the classics here at CYR. Carson Keeter of “10/10 Would Play” (formerly “What The Folk?”) is one of CisternYard Radio’s flagship DJs this fall semester and we decided to give you some insight to the guy behind the mic.

CYR: What’s up, Carson? You’re this week’s DJ Spotlight!

Carson Keeter: It’s about damn time. Just kidding. Here we go.

CYR: What is your show about?

CK: My show is about albums that I think are 10/10 that people may have never heard. There’s so many musicians out there that make incredible music that needs to be heard. #lifechanging

CYR: If you could have any musician as your sidekick, who would it be?

CK: If I could have anyone by my side in the studio, it’d be Willie Nelson. What a man.

CYR: What makes you want to cover an album? You love to discuss music that you give a 10/10?

CK: If I here an album and I’m like “Damn” all the way til the end, it’s 10/10 in my book. For me, it can be the lyrics or the musicianship. For instance, the groovy band Vulfpeck is 10/10. Their totally instrumental (for the most part) but DAMN can they really lay it down. Every song is incredible.

CYR: What is your favorite album of all time?

CK: My favorite album of all time is Led Zeppelin II. There isn’t a bad song on that album. Have you heard “Ramble On”? It’s got a reference to freaking Lord of the Rings. They’re an incredible group of musicians. Also, my favorite all time band.
CYR: What song makes you feel like a kid again?
CK: Other than the typical “Mary had a Little Lamb” and any P.O.D album, the song “Le Freak” by CHIC comes to mind. When I was younger, I went through this weird obsession with old-school funk. I had this one CD I got from Bed Bath & Beyond (back when they sold CDs) called “Best of Funk” or something like that. It had CHIC, Cool & the Gang, KC and the Sunshine Band, among others. I would listen to it all the through every day after school… ahh Good Times (get it? It’s another CHIC song).
Carson Keeter

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You can also catch Carson’s show Thursdays at 4PM only on CisternYard Radio! Find him on Twitter (@pleasebmyfriend) and Instagram (@pleasebmyfriend)

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